What is The Maddness?

Boredom doesn’t settle well with me. Life is too short to allow boredom to take a precedent in it. I aim to have the most fun in life as possible and my online web presence reflects this belief.

This is the band Fun having fun. Yay.
This is the band Fun having fun. Just like me. Yay.

The videos I create for my YouTube channel are all videos I had fun making and truly believed other people would enjoy to watch as well. But I still struggle on finding a balance between what I like and what my audience likes. Some of my favorite videos that I had an absolute blast making are my least watched and the videos that were absolute pains to make are my most popular.

Slightly bitter.

There’s a lot more flexibility with my Twitter. Occasionally I’ll go on a rant about the lack of female superheroes, but I mainly use my Twitter to post the occasional interesting or humorous thought. In fact, people approach me in real life to compliment my Twitter and how they look forward to my tweets. But I do have a nasty habit of tweeting to celebrities and promptly deleting the tweets five minutes later when they don’t respond. Sorry celebrities.

Other than my YouTube and Twitter, I’m a relatively private person on social media. I only use my Facebook to let long-distance family members know I’m still alive, Tumblr and I have a love-hate relationship, and I’m just getting started on this blog. All-in-all, I just want to make people smile and that’s what I aim for on my social media. I want people to have the same amount of fun I have when I create the content. I could always improve on my interaction with my audience. Most of the time I just post my content and leave it there for people to interact with at their discretion. I never try to force people to watch or comment or anything like that, but that often leads to low amounts of interaction.

Seriously ONLY 60 VIEWS?!
*cries 5eva*

Overall, I just want people to think positively of my content. I want them to look forward to the next time I post content because they know it’ll make them smile. Most of all, I want my content to alleviate my audience’s boredom. Even if it’s for a second, I just hope that my content lets people have fun.


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