The Maddness – The Outline

Twitter: My favorite form of social media and personal preference to interact with people.

-Pros: I’m able to directly interact with people and make connections while also entertaining my followers with engaging tweets.

-Cons: I don’t engage with it to its full potential and often enter into long, endearing Twitter conversations with my friends which risks the chance for potential connections.

How to improve: Interact directly with my followers more often while engaging with more hashtags to increase my online presence.


YouTube: This is sort of my primary site since this is essentially the source of my online brand and the rest of my social media sites revolve around it.

Pros: I post a video weekly which is very engaging and I’ve allowed open comments again so that people who watch my videos can engage with the video as well.

-Cons: It’s YouTube. The comments section is infamous for being terrible. I try to engage in the comments section as much as I could, but I actually had to shut down my comments for a couple months due to an uncomfortable incident.

How to improve: I can always be more selective with the videos I post rather than just posting every single video I make onto my channel. I can also encourage more interaction with my videos.


Instagram: It’s cute, but it’s just not my scene.

Pros: Everyone loves pictures. Pictures are easier than words.

-Cons: I’m not very good with pictures so I’m not very encouraged to use it.

How to improve it: Use it to promote videos, tweets, blog posts, etc. in a unique manner.


LinkedIn: I don’t have one, but my grandma wants me to connect with her on it.

Pros: It’s a chance to make a professional connection with potential employers, partners, or clients.

-Cons: I don’t have one. I also lack a super-professional headshot if I did get one.

How to improve: I can improve my LinkedIn experience by actually obtaining an account.

One day…

Facebook: I hate this website and I would’ve deleted my personal profile ages ago if it wasn’t for the fact it’s the one place I can stay connected to most of my friends and family.

Pros: I can abuse it to get support for my projects from my friends and family.

Cons: Facebook pages are flawed in the fact that not all of their content is shared unless a monetary fee is paid and I am broke so I’m never going to pay that fee. That means that even if I got a Facebook page, I couldn’t rely on it for my primary source to share content.

How to improve: I could get a Facebook page so I can quit spamming my friends and family with my posts about my projects. I could also be more active on my Facebook profile. I’ve discovered that I only change my profile picture twice a year, which is probably a problem.

Please don’t make me.

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