Camera: DSLR (Canon Rebel)

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere

Other Equipment: Monopod

This video was created as an audition for the VidCon “Less Than Famous” panel. I’ve always wanted to attend VidCon and I figured that being a panelist at VidCon would be fun. If anything, it would be a new challenge for me.

I wrote the video’s outline during a bout of insomnia about a week before we filmed. For the most part, we mostly stuck to that outline. However there was originally a scene where I forced two innocent bystanders to take a selfie with me because I was convinced they were my fans. But ultimately I didn’t even film that scene because I failed to contact the two people I had in mind for it.

Another difference between the original outline and the finished product is the style of the video. Alex and Stephanie originally only had one scripted line each while the majority of the video was focused on me. But we found out that their improvisations to my questions were funnier and worked better since I improvised a bit from my own script so I just treated their scenes as if they were actual interviews instead and edited accordingly.

We filmed on Thursday night and I edited it Friday morning, making it one of the fastest turnarounds on The Maddness. Stephanie, who has helped out on multiple Maddness productions, filmed my scene since monopods are actually terrible for standing on their own. Unfortunately, I actually take forever to say my lines so Stephanie had to find a creative solution to keep watching her baseball game while I filmed.

photo (4)
True dedication

Editing was fun, as usual. I spent a little more time than I should’ve on the lower lefts, but I think they turned out well. I also opted out of the usual end card and blooper because it’s a contest entry. I still need to work on the time it takes to deliver my lines. Stephanie and Alex each only took a minute or two to say all of their lines while all of my footage amounted to around 15 minutes even though I only used a minute of it.

Overall, I would say that this is a solid video. I’m not going to say it’s the best entry in the contest because I know it’s not, but it’s solid for a Maddness video. Like I said in the video, it’s fun to make videos with my friends. Stephanie and Alex are awesome, fun to work with, and I’m forever thankful that they helped me out on this video with such short notice.


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