BTM: Batman’s McDonald’s Adventure!

Camera: Samsung Camcorder

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere

Other Equipment: $17.80

I always love videos that I can create out of nothing. This video had no script, no outline, and no organization. It was a reward for my friends who helped me out on the Mercenary music video and wanted to see me get humiliated as punishment for having them work in 10°F weather. Personally, I had a lot of fun because I love playing around as Batman and I love improvising comedy.

Besides the challenge of improv, I also loved the challenge of using typography to present certain scenes in my video. I’ve never really used typography in my videos before so even though it only took me a couple minutes or so to edit the footage, I spent around two hours figuring out the typography. But it wasn’t time spent going “oh my god why isn’t this working”, it was more or less me going “YEAH this is COOL! What else can I do?!”

Typography allowed me to make visually appealing scenes out of footage that was too dark to present to an audience. It made a visually awful video into something watchable and I would even vouch that the typography added to the humor at points since it emphasized certain aspects of a joke or conversation. Without the text, the video would’ve just been a dark mess.

I am literally the night

I just love this video because I was able to play with it so much in editing. Whenever I make a video without organization, it’s always an adventure to edit and I love every minute of it. Editing is truly where the video comes together and makes sense so you really do have to love it when it makes a watchable video out of forty minutes of footage of a girl messing around in a Batman costume with her friends.

Also, Zach Snyder, if Ben Affleck drops out of production at any point, contact me: maddnessbusiness [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll be glad to fill in.


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