BTM: How to Survive a Writer’s Block!

Camera: DSLR (Canon Rebel)

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere

Other Equipment: Tripod, Monopod, Wheely Office Chair

My original idea for this video, which was a class assignment, was “How to be a Superhero”. It would’ve combined my love for superheroes with my affinity for comedy to make a hilarious yet heartfelt video about how we’re all superheroes deep down in our hearts. However, it just wasn’t working for me. Every time I tried to script and storyboard, it just never worked right.

After spending about a week and a half trying to figure out this “How to be a Superhero” video, I turned around and ended up spending about twenty minutes planning this video. It’s the most I’ve ever prepared for a video before and I think the result was tremendously successful. Even though the Mercenary music video was my first full-fledged production, I feel like this video is a huge improvement from it.

However despite the video’s high quality, there were still multiple glaring problems with the production. The biggest one that comes to mind is that I completely forgot to film a scene. Despite all of my storyboards and scripts, I still managed to miss filming a small scene that would only take a couple of seconds. The result is that I expanded the cemetery scene to fill that open space and made it a much bigger deal than the one-shot gag I had planned.

where did it goooo
I’m an editing prodigy.

Another mistake I made is the end scene with my blonde-wigged alter ego Bertha. It was the first time I had attempted a scene of that editing magnitude and let me tell you, I have to give major props to that Orphan Black lady because that is hard. I filmed it by myself and it was impossible to get the timing down. The two characters spoke at the same time, reactions were all off, and half of my shoulder disappeared in the editing process. But the important thing is that I’ve learned from my failure and in future attempts with that kind of scene, I will be more aware of the timing and try to learn from this first attempt’s mistakes.

The marketing strategy for this video was sort of a surprise. Usually for a video, I’ll just write something clever that relates to the video on my GooglePlus, Twitter, and Facebook page and just sort of wait for views. However I’ve started a new thing where I try to post a picture from the video’s production on myphoto Instagram to try and get people excited for my video. It never works because Instagram just isn’t my forte, but it worked for this video. I had posted a picture of Sydney, Allison, and me at the cemetery after we finished shooting with the caption “having fun at the funeral for my hopes and dreams!” I didn’t think much about it because I say that sort of thing all the time, but it ended up earning 11 likes on Instagram, 30 likes on Facebook, and 3 worried text messages from friends and family. After seeing how so many people reacted to this picture, I based my entire marketing strategy for this video around it. I even created my thumbnail around the concept!

Overall, this video was a learning experience. I played around with the audio, tried out new editing techniques, and found what got people excited. I just have to learn from the mistakes I made so I can continue to improve future videos.


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