BTM: BEST SONG EVER!! | Facebook Contest


Camera: Samsung Camcorder

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere

Other Equipment: Nate’s Acoustic Guitar

This is the story of how a completely awful video of me singing turned into a semi-entertaining Facebook contest announcement video.  However, that conversion isn’t an easy one.

First, songwriting is hard. I didn’t realize how hard it was until I made a completely awful video attempting to do so. I thought I could just sing the lyrics I wanted to sing and edit it all together. I was wrong. You cannot do that. You need a consistent bed of music and you should probably write down your lyrics first rather than improvising like I did. Also you should probably be good at singing, unlike me.

I’m not good at singing.

Second, I lost the video file when I re-edited it to accommodate the Facebook contest. After spending about an hour editing it the first time around, I went back to check on it so I could make a new thumbnail and it disappeared. I honestly have no idea where it went. I checked all four of my flash drives and my memory card and it was gone.

Third, editing the same video for a second time has its pros and cons. For one thing, you’re editing the same video WHICH IS BORING. However the second thing is that you get so bored with editing it the second time that you actually improve it because you try new things just to spite yourself and it ends up working out way better than your original idea.

Fourth, the goddamn copyright. After spending about an hour and a half re-editing this video, I had to take it down and re-edit it for a third time because YouTube immediately put a copyright claim on it. Now I was well within fair use because it wasn’t for profit (check out my post about copyright here), but YouTube’s system is very wonky and it still marked it down. So I re-edited it for a third time and placed a public domain song in there instead.

The moral of the story is that you can make an awful video and still redeem it, but it’s a lot of work and a lot of stuff will go wrong before that can happen.

The other moral is that I spent way too much time on this video and as retribution, everyone should go like my Facebook page to participate in my Facebook contest!


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