BTM: Mercenary – Panic! At The Disco (Fan Music Video)


Camera: DSLR (Canon Rebel), Samsung Camcorder

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere

Other Equipment: Tripod, Four 8GB flash drives

This is by far my most elaborate production. It was for a class that dedicated an entire month to a single video and to be honest, it was tough being my friend during this month because I was obsessed with this video. I drew up a crude storyboard, I wrote a short story to go along with the piece, and I even went location scouting with the song playing on a loop.

I loved every minute of this production. It felt like the real deal. But even though I planned for every detail and treated it as seriously as I could,accident most of my best shots were still either accidental or improvised on set. I like to think it was my good direction that seemed to set up these perfect shots, but let’s be honest the most common saying that came out of my mouth during shooting was “It’s in my head, it’ll make sense later!”

Luckily, it did make sense later. My actors somehow understood my madness and Stephanie did an amazing job as assistant director/cinematographer so everything went incredibly well. We only had to return for one night of reshoots due to a technical error so that was awesome. I spent about eight hours total editing this video and I loved every minute of it.

People who had taken the class in earlier semesters told me I would hate the song by the end of the class, but I actually fell more in love with it. It indicates the first 061 (2)time I got to be a real director and was able to make something that felt tangible. It was also the first time I really got to play around with Adobe Premiere and my new DSLR camera so that helped me feel even more professional compared to my usual camcorder/iMovie combination.

This video helped me realize that I truly loved making videos. I love walking around in a Batman costume looking for a new place to shoot, I love organizing people to make a shot work, and I love working with such fun, talented people that really put their heart into my project even though I only paid them in McDonald’s and friendship. I never treated a video this seriously before and I can’t wait to do it again.

That being said: if you would like a music video (or any video really) to be made, contact me at maddnessbusiness [at] gmail [dot] com. I would love to hear from you! Videos are still being released every Monday on my YouTube channel TheMaddness22.


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