BTM: My #DearMe Video!


Camera: Samsung Camcorder

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere

Other Equipment: My car

The #DearMe trend was very fast. It started on March 3rd which was a Tuesday and by the time I posted the video on the next Monday, the trend was practically obsolete. But I still wanted to participate because HELL YEAH WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT so I filmed it on Sunday morning in my car and edited it on the same Monday that I posted it.

I didn’t want to film in my car, but I had nowhere else I could film on such short notice. One of my roommates stayed in the room the entire day and I felt awkward filming something so personal with someone nearby. So I grabbed my camcorder, went to my car, set the camcorder on the wheel, and filmed. The wheel and my chair had to be adjusted for a good angle, but it wasn’t too much for accommodations.

Really the struggle of the shoot was the random people passing by my car while I filmed. For previous videos shot outside, I’ve gotten used to people staring or stopping to watch what I was doing, which is actually common since I live in areas that don’t really see any filming. But for this video, I think the personal nature of the subject made me extremely aware of everyone walking past. In the 15 minute duration of the shot, I spent about 8 minutes acting like I was doing anything but filming to prevent people from realizing what I was doing.

But thanks to the miracle of video editing, I was able to create something somewhat emotional. If you watch the actual footage I shot, it wasn’t as emotional as the final product. In fact, I spent a portion of time trying to find the source behind an odd noise occurring in my car. So the final video is basically every emotional thing I happened to have said with some sad yet hopeful music behind it.

Although video editing may have saved the video and turned it into something somewhat watchable, it couldn’t save it from the poor timing between the trend’s duration and my YouTube schedule. Next time, I might have to sacrifice my YouTube schedule to meet a trend’s deadline.

(Side note: This was also the video my good friend Stephanie was referencing in this video.)


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