More Thoughts on Tobuscus

Recently, I made a blog post about how to not get YouTube subscribers. In an effort to obtain some examples of terrible ways to get subscribers, I went to the YouTube channel TobyGames. Now if you’ve watched my latest video, you’ll understand that I haven’t been a fan of Toby Turner’s work for a while. However I still visit his channels just for the purpose of going through his comments sections. In fact, Jacksfilms featured one of my comments that I obtained from a TobyGames video for his popular “YGS” series.

I’m sure my parents would be very proud if they knew who Jacksfilms was.

But instead of finding examples of terrible YouTube marketing, I found something incredibly heartbreaking: disappointed fans.


For the most part, they weren’t even trolls. They were just truly disappointed fans questioning what happened to their favorite (or former favorite) YouTuber. They were questioning why his posting schedule was inconsistent, if he looked sick, theorizing all of the reasons why he wasn’t posting anymore…it broke my heart.


I don’t even care that I’m not a fan of Tobuscus anymore. Seeing people fall out of love with something they loved so deeply is heartbreaking. It’s even worse if you actually know where they’re coming from and can verify their heartbreak. comment12 If it was any other YouTuber, I don’t think I would’ve connected so deeply with the poorly worded pleas for more videos. But Tobuscus’s “Audience” was the first YouTube fandom I immersed myself in. I know where all of these people are coming from. I understand their frustrations.


The hard part is that I don’t know if Toby Turner will be able to come back from this sort of setback. He’s becoming less known as the YouTuber with the funny literal trailers and stupidly hilarious gameplays and more known as a sellout who cares more about money than his fans. For a while, it was just the mindset of us seemingly select few that had been fans since the early days and seen him at the best. But if his comments section is a reflection of a majority of his audience, then it will be tough to bounce back from this kind of reputation.


You see in the world of YouTube, the audience is the boss of the talent. This isn’t television. Executives (usually) aren’t supervising the content and dictating what gets created and what gets scrapped. That’s the YouTube viewer’s job and if you are just constantly exploiting the viewer for money or personal gain, well…you end up like Tobuscus.

comment4There is still hope for Toby Turner. From my previous experience stalking him, I believe that he’s a smart guy. He also has experience and connections with YouTube. Toby Turner is capable of creating an effective PR campaign that could recover his image and effectively rebrand it so that he’s no longer the sellout a solid portion of YouTube believes him to be. Especially since the only clue explanationto his current situation is technical issues, he can quickly whip up some story that would put him in a more positive light and he could turn all of this around.

But there’s no reason why he should.

Despite his fans’ opinions, Toby Turner is still wildly successful. With over six million subscribers on his main and gaming channel and even a solid two million on his vlog channel, Toby Turner is still a success. Executives still reach out to him
for sponsorships and consultations. It doesn’t matter that he’s losing subscribers and views now. He’s reached a point in YouTube fame and success that will make him unstoppable for a couple of years.

r u srs
He also has the power to use the same thumbnail over and over again.

Even though Toby Turner’s marketing finesse is enviable, his effort to maintain the success mostly relies on running gags that he created years ago and his good looks. If Toby Turner wants to keep his “Audience” for the long run, he’s going to have to make some changes whether it’s the content he creates or the general attitude he presents. Something has to change or Tobuscus will never be able to recover his losses. Also I’ll have to find a new YouTuber to exploit for their comments sections.


Watch my “Thoughts on Tobuscus” video for more of my thoughts about Tobuscus!


3 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Tobuscus

  1. interestingly enough, I don’t think youtube viewers care so much about sellouts or frequency of content. Look at videogamedunkey. He openly talks about his finances on his channel all the time and he only puts out a video once a week or less sometimes.
    Although I guess he hasn’t ever changed aspects of himself to please companies for money.


    1. I think consistency is key. There are YouTubers who post infrequently, but it’s expected. There are also YouTubers who miss their regular schedule at points, but the absences are few and far apart. It can be frustrating for fans who don’t follow Toby outside of YouTube and expect daily videos from his gaming channel but receive nothing with no explanation.


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