BTM: Top 5 Starkid Fan Problems

 Camera: Samsung Camcorder

Editing Program: iMovie

Other Equipment: Mountain Dew and way too much cold medicine

Apparently I cannot do anything Starkid related unless I’m jacked up on cold medicine. The same occurs for this video.

I have a bad habit of getting insanely sick during my breaks from school. Unfortunately, I also try to make 10+ videos within these limited breaks so that I don’t fall behind on my YouTube schedule during the school year. That means that I usually make the poor choice to film despite being absolutely sick which in turn lowers the quality of the video considerably.

I mean my acting is usually subpar when I’m completely healthy anyway, but when I’m sick and trying to act…well, we get this video.

actual ending
Actual ending to the video because I’m a professional.

The idea is good. It’s relatable, it applies to a smaller fandom that doesn’t get many videos about their fandom, and it can be funny if it was done right. However, it wasn’t done right. It was done by me who was deathly ill, hopped up on cold medicine, and far too confident about my mediocre video-making abilities.

If I had just waited a year, this video would be significantly better. Not only have I improved my editing skills immensely, but I’ve also decided to no longer force myself to make videos when I’m sick. It’s not worth it. During the editing process for this video, I was desperately scrambling for anything worthwhile in the footage while continually face-palming myself for all of the mess-ups and the fact that I never actually filmed an ending. It’s just a lot more strife than needed to film while sick for both editing and filming purposes.


But despite the poor quality of this video, it’s still relatively successful. I would like to thank the Starkid fandom for that. Like I mentioned above, the Starkid fandom doesn’t have a lot of options for videos about their favorite theatre company/improv group/band/whatever so they’re kind enough to watch anything and treat it with utmost kindness. This video is one of my most popular non-reactions both in views and comments and I have yet to receive a negative comment or dislike on this video. (Sidenote: That’s not an invitation to start posting negative comments. Don’t be mean, kids.)

So thank you Starkid fandom for being so unbelievably kind and awesome. I’ll be sure to create more Starkid content in the future when I’m not hopped up on cold medicine.

Want to see another video where I filmed while clearly sick? Luckily I have two for you! One is for Project for Awesome 2013 and the other is just because I made a poor life choice again.


One thought on “BTM: Top 5 Starkid Fan Problems

  1. Oh man I feel the same way about Starkid! I quote it all the time and no one around me gets it. “I’m not allowed to eat cheesecake…just protein shakes, falcon eggs, and rocks.” I do have one friend with whom I text lyrics back and forth to…”When I rule the world, I’ll plant flowers,” and she’ll say, “When I rule the world, I’ll have snakes.” That’s true friendship right there. :-p Ahh I love Starkid, and you’re right– the Fandom is wonderful. I love being a part of it!


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