The Maddness Outline – REVISITED

Ah yes. After weeks and weeks of endless amounts of homework, studying for hours on end, and making ritual sacrifices to appease the transcript gods, the school year is finally over and what do we have for it? Three months to work our butts off or beg our family/the government for money to pay for the next year of school.


But, we also have an education and educations are usually useful. For example, this semester I took a lovely class that taught me all of the secrets of the internet and now I’m the queen of the internet.

Bow down to the queen of the internet/rock pile.

Okay that’s a slight exaggeration, but I did learn a lot and so I shall revisit this post about my web presence and see how my social media has improved after this class. Twitter: Oh look it’s still my favorite social media platform. Yay! For improvement, I’ve increased the quantity of my tweets, but as a sacrifice I receive less “favorites” now because now people are used to my tweets and they are no longer entertained. People still reach out to me to compliment me on my twitter, but I haven’t had a tweet with more than four favorites in two months. #SadDay There was also a period within the past semester where a surge of verified accounts started to follow me. I have no idea where they came from, but one of them was the guy who created the Pixar Theory so I was pretty stoked about that.

 how you doin

YouTube: There has been grand improvement on my YouTube channel since I took this class, which is great because I love my YouTube channel! I’ve gained 20 subscribers over the course of this semester, the average weekly view count of a video has gone up 10 views, and I’ve started networking with other smaller YouTubers. For example I happened to stumble upon Steve the 414th Oldest Nerdfighter’s YouTube channel and after commenting a couple times on his videos, he started commenting on mine and subscribed to me as well!

the only commenter
He’s also the only commenter on my videos other than me, but WHATEVER I’M TRYING.

The next step is to expand my channel from just one weekly video a week to multiple videos in different popular YouTube genres, like BookTube or Gaming. However that would involve heavy amounts of editing, which I cannot do because I don’t possess a sufficient editing program. Expansion will come soon enough, but not as recent as I would like. Instagram: It’s still very cute and it’s still very much not my scene, but I’m trying. After the success of the marketing campaign for “How to Survive a Writer’s Block,” I’m trying to market my YouTube videos on Instagram better. I’m also trying a new thing where I post my calendar for upcoming videos on Instagram every month and it’s moderately successful, but I still can’t grasp the hang of it.

Now the world shall see my terrible handwriting

But I was surprised to see I’ve somehow obtained over 80 followers on Instagram, so that’s great. I’m not very good at Instagram, so I’m just happy I have more than like 20 or something. LinkedIn: I got one and I made a whole big post about it. Facebook: At the beginning of the semester, I thought I would never ever get a Facebook page until I at least won my first Oscar. Now, at the end of the semester, I’ve not only created a Facebook page, but I’ve also made a video to promote it, held a contest for it and use it as my cumulative bank of announcements, blog posts, and YouTube videos.


If you don’t want to miss anything I’m doing, my Facebook page is now the place to go. It was a horror to set up and it’s even worse to market, but it’s currently the only place that serves as an index of everything I do on the internet in the name of The Maddness. I could go on, but believe it or not I still have five more social media accounts to talk about so I will leave those five for Part Two of my Maddness Outline: Revisited. In the meantime, check out all of my social media as listed above and let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts!


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