BTM: Heroes Teaser Trailer Reaction!

Camera: Samsung Camcorder

Editing Program: iMovie

Other Equipment: Laptop, All Four Seasons of Heroes on DVD

How do you do a reaction video to a fifteen second clip? Well first off, you don’t.

I only did this reaction video because Heroes truly is my favorite TV show of all time, if you couldn’t tell from my pure fangirl love in the video. I really wasn’t lying when I said I started hyperventilating when I found out the news. It took all of my power to not watch that video until I could do a reaction video to it.


The result is that although the premise of the video is a reaction video and the title says “reaction video”, it isn’t a reaction video. It’s just me shamelessly cooing about my favorite TV show and using a fifteen second clip as an excuse to do that.

I’m not complaining though. I love Heroes that much that I’m willing to use everything and anything as an excuse to talk about face So that’s what I did. I manipulated the popularity of my reaction videos to make a video about something I liked and spent that time fangirling. Really, you can just refer to it as “Maddie’s Reaction to Heroes in a General Sense” and it would be more accurate than its current title.

But honestly, fifteen seconds is barely enough to express anything fully. The clip itself told me less than the article I read that first broke the news. To make a substantial video, I had to rely on my pure love for Heroes to fill some time and make it something worthwhile.

For that, I’m going to go ahead and say that this is by far my most substantial reaction video.

There’s content alternative to me making faces at a laptop screen and it actually required effort. I didn’t just sit there and let the camera record my multitude of faces. I actually engaged with the content and used that content as a basis for a conversation. handsEven if it was a one-way conversation about how much I love Heroes, it’s still something more than me going “awesome” or “ew” and that makes it worthwhile.

If you want to see someone fangirl hardcore over the TV series Heroes, then this is the perfect video for you. If you honestly want to see a full-fledged reaction video to a fifteen second clip, you should probably expand your interests. Seriously it’s fifteen seconds. Go stare at a painting for fifteen seconds. It’s more worth your time than fifteen seconds of a person reacting to something.

Check out my latest reaction video here!


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