BTM: Pottermore Sorting Quiz Part 1!


Camera: Debut Capture Software

Editing Program: iMovie

Other Equipment: Headset microphone

Sometimes it can be very hard to make videos on a budget. Sometimes your crappy laptop that you love with a passion can’t record audio so you have to get a cheap headset from Target with a $20 gift card just so you can put audio onto your laptop. Sometimes that same crappy laptop can’t handle the free video capture software you downloaded so the video you capture lags. Sometimes all of that cheapness is hidden away and you can still somehow make a good quality video.

This video is not that.

This video is an accumulation of all of my stinginess and cheapness. The audio is terrible because the headset I used is cheap. Editing was a disaster because the capture footage lagged like hell because my budget of $0 a video only allowed for a crappy free video capture program that my three year old laptop can barely handle. Also I made the mistake of cropping the video footage after I already cut and clipped the entire sequence so the video, which should’ve been in just one set place, is jumpy and moves around a lot.

Luckily the subject of the video is enough to redeem the low quality and make it one of the highest viewed non-reaction videos. If I had made this video when Pottermore first came out, it probably would’ve been a little bit more successful due to the relevance of the subject. I’m just grateful it’s as successful as it is for being posted at a time that wasn’t relevant to Pottermore at all and the fact that it sounds and looks as cheap as they come.

Now I don’t have a choice with my video budget. If I could buy all of the equipment and props that I need/want, believe me I would. But for how small my YouTube channel is, it doesn’t make sense to purchase thousands of dollars worth of audio, lighting, and recording equipment when only 40-50 people watch my videos per week. I need that money for…I dunno…food, college, rent, gas…really the sky is the limit.

The best I can do is make a video with substantial content. There may be technical issues here and there, but I’m doing my best with what I have. I am very fortunate to have two high definition cameras and my iPhone/iPod can take pretty good quality audio, so we’re getting there. It’s just a matter of using my resources to make the best possible quality videos for my beloved viewers. Thankfully I’m a creative person so I’m sure to find some new solutions that stay within my budget that will increase the technical quality of my videos.

Check out the sequel to this video where I learned from my mistakes and found a solution to the audio problems!


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