Desks for Dayzzz: My Desks Throughout the Years

Buckle your bootstraps because I’ve had a large coffee with six sugars and have only slept three hours in the past 24 so now I’m going to take you on an over-caffeinated, over-enthusiastic journey of my various desks throughout my life. Why? Because I freaking love desks.

The Desk of My Early High School Days


My early high school days were not a good time. I tried too hard to be cool (as evident by the giant, white sunglasses on top of the desk) and it didn’t work out for me. In fact, I used to just wait on Facebook in hopes that one of my friends would come online and I could chat with them with the fancy IM system just so I could be like “yeah cool kids do this all the time so I am cool for doing this.” You can see on my crappy old Toshiba laptop that I was chatting with someone at the time. I never really wanted to chat with them. I just wanted to say that I did to look cool.

But this was before I really got into my writing and I was just only beginning to discover the beauty of YouTube. The empty food wrappers and drinks reflect late nights spent watching YouTube rather than working on my failed sequel to my currently unpublished book. Overall, I just had a lot of blatant disrespect for my desk and my work, but I also had a lot of disrespect for myself by pretending to be this cool person rather than embracing my true nerdy self who can’t stand Facebook messaging and finds large, white framed sunglasses to be tacky.

However, I would still wear those tacky sunglasses that make me look like a bug because I have a weird sense of humor like that.

The Desk of an Overambitious AP Student

001 (4)

Flash forward to my junior year of high school. Things had gotten a lot better since my early high school days. I was beginning to be comfortable with the fact that I will never be a cool popular kid and I might as well start being happy with myself. Of course, it was mostly because I no longer had any time to pretend to be anyone other than myself because of my full schedule.

My overambitious self had managed to cram nine classes into an eight period school day with two of those classes being Advanced Placement. If you add my hectic softball schedule or any of the six extra-curricular activities I was a part of, I barely had any time to sleep or eat let alone excessively wait around on Facebook to pretend to be interested in IMing a friend of a friend.

But this desk, which is in the form of our family kitchen table, shows a moment of calm in the chaos of my life at the time. A cute kid’s movie, my favorite subject in school and a ready-in-20-minute pizza on a snowy day is all I needed to feel at peace with the world.

The Desk(s) of a Music Video Director

 081 095

I was very fortunate that during my sophomore year of college that I was able to take a class that enabled me to spend an entire month on creating one video. That one video ended up being my music video for “Mercenary” by Panic! At The Disco. It was an insane month. I was obsessed with this video and spent more effort on it than any other video I’ve done at that point. I could ramble all day about that video, but I already did that in another blog post.

But my desks reflected this insane month. During production, my dorm desk was a living disaster. It was where I stuck all of my various cameras, my army of flash drives used to hold the footage, and my snacks on my desk so it would all be within arm’s reach from my laptop so I could continue working without distractions.

During post-production however, it was the complete opposite. It’s clean, organized, and just very well kept. The difference is that while filming relied on sporadic inspiration and improvisation, the massive task of editing the footage required my utmost focus and so only the things I truly needed to edit the video were on the editing desk and in neat, orderly fashion so I could reach them quickly without fumbling through a mountain of empty wrappers. Even with everything in place, it still took me a little over six hours to accomplish editing this music video.

The Desk of a Lazy Day


After the stress of filming and editing an entire music video in one month, I decided to take it easy for a while. Lounging on a living room chair with my dog by my feet, I caught up on the YouTube series I missed while filming and wrote parts of my severely neglected novel to the tune of Fall Out Boy’s latest album.

Honestly most of my “desks” are couches or my beds. Most of my best scenes were written on couches and I can’t begin to list off all the times I’ve fallen asleep with my laptop on my bed. It’s just comfy to lounge while working. But it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a solid table top with a good chair.

The Desk of The Maddness


Now we’re on my most current desk. I now have respect for my workplace because I actually rely on it a lot now. It’s the location of 90% of my Maddness videos, I’ve designed my fair share of thumbnails at this desk, and good chunks of my novel were written at this desk. While trash will occasionally clutter the desk after late work nights, it’s not to the extreme of when I first started to actively use my desk.

I’ve grown to love my desk by surrounding it with most of my favorite objects and giving my laptop the space it deserves. It’s cozy and reflects my personality almost perfectly. My life is no longer the chaos reflected in the first picture, but there’s now a sense of calm now that I have found my confidence and my interests. There are still areas that need to be improved, but overall it’s a desk good enough for a future queen of the internet like myself and I love it.

I’m fortunate to be able to find time to work on the things I love and I’m even more fortunate to have the chance to share my interests with the world through my YouTube channel and writing. But regardless of how much I’ve been able to achieve, I never could’ve done it without a solid desk to hold everything needed for this crazy journey.


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