BTM: How To Not Be Socially Awkward

Camera: iPod Touch

Editing Program: Windows Movie Maker

Other Equipment: The little brother, a nail in the wall

How ironic of me to make a video on how to not be socially awkward in the most awkward way possible.


Alright let’s get this over with…

Obviously, not the best quality video. This video is far more cringe-worthy than “LoL So RaNdOm” and look where that video ended up. But in my defense, this was back in my iPod touch days where like three people knew I had a YouTube channel and I had hardly any experience with any sort of video-making. It was a miracle I could even get my brother to help me with it, but it’s probably the reason why he refuses to help out with any subsequent productions.

Sorry Nate.

Even though it’s at such a low quality and it’s so incredible cringe-worthy, it’s popular for two reasons:

  1. Because some people are genuinely looking for advice on how to not be socially awkward. Even though this video is clearly NOT a good example, comments and analytics show that a solid portion of views come from fellow socially awkward people.
    kind of feel bad
    Sorry socially awkward people.

    My only hope is that when they see this video, they get a good amount of self-confidence and knowledge that their situation could be much worse.

  2. Beautiful, wonderful, magnificent Nerdfighteria.

I got lucky. I posted this video around Nerdfighter Idol 2013 back when there was still a thing as video responses. Yeah, I know. That was a thing. I miss that thing. Anyway, I used that thing known as a video response to submit this video to Nerdfighter Idol 2013 to try and win a chance to replace John Green for a week during his paternity leave from Vlogbrothers.

Once again, obviously I had no chance of winning this thing. But I thought I did. I thought my videos were the best thing since Fred (oh god I’m dating myself again, aren’t I?) and so I gave this Nerdfighter Idol 2013 thing a shot. Thankfully Nerdfighters are kind beings and either gave me encouraging comments or ignored my video. I had a huge subscriber boost and honestly this video kept my channel going. I saw that people at least liked the idea of my videos and so I kept making them, even if it took two years to get them to a semi-decent level.

There are several morals to this story. For one, don’t be afraid to be a little confident. If I wasn’t confident with this video and submitted it to Nerdfighter Idol 2013, I never would’ve received the positive comments and support that encouraged me to keep making videos. That leads us to the second moral: EXPOSURE IS YOUR FRIEND.

Exposure is never going to be a bad thing when you’re starting out. Unless you already have a good-sized audience to build off of, you need to promote your videos everywhere and anywhere. Look for those mid-sized contests like Nerdfighter Idol that encourage self-promotion and networking. You can’t get subscribers unless people actually watch your videos and they’re never going to watch your videos if they never find them.

Finally the third moral is to never watch your first ten videos again unless you’re some sort of YouTube video-making prodigy because wow this was a trip. Please do not judge my current video-making abilities off of this video because wow.

Sorry world.


Judge my video-making abilities instead off of my most recent YouTube video! Or better yet, my music video!


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