There’s a Good Reason I Scrapped That Video Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought of It

Imagine you have a sandwich.

You’ve been looking forward to eating this sandwich all day. Even when you weren’t hungry, you wanted to eat this sandwich. It’s got all of your favorite toppings, that special kind of bread that you’ve been absolutely dying to try, fresh cut meat from the deli…it’s a good sandwich and you just know it.

Then you finally get the chance to eat the sandwich. With all of this anticipation built up, you just can’t wait any longer. You take a bite.

Now you throw away that sandwich into the trash and set the trash can on fire while you go order a pizza because the sandwich tasted like cardboard with a side of sawdust.

That’s how it feels to scrap a video.

Alright maybe I shouldn’t blog over dinner, but scrapping a video can really break your heart if you had been looking forward to its success. It’s different if you know it had no chance of success, just like you know that if a sandwich has mold on it then you clearly shouldn’t eat it. I’ve scrapped countless amounts of footage just on the basis I knew nothing could be redeemed from it.

But when you have footage for a video that you’ve scripted weeks in advance, that you spent a half-hour of your break from school filming, and another two hours attempting to edit it into something watchable…well it breaks your heart to delete the project.

Now I’m not one to just give up on a video in post-production. 99% of the time, if footage makes it to post-production then it is going to be made. Will it be uploaded? Not always, but I pride myself on my ability to make complete, watchable videos out of unusable footage so I make the video anyway for my own pride. This statistic was at 100% until one video changed that. We will call this video “Project S.”

“Project S” was supposed to be a big deal. I was even considering writing an article for another blog to market the video. It would’ve potentially expanded the channel if I had done it right. However, it seems like the universe was against me on this one.

First, filming was atrocious. I couldn’t speak for the life of me. During the editing process, I managed a minute and a half of footage out of fifteen minutes. Let me repeat that: a minute and a half out of fifteen minutes. That’s a ratio I would expect from a super early video, like one of my first ten videos maybe.

Second, after thirty minutes of fumbling over my lines and skipping around with ideas, I accidentally deleted the audio. Granted good audio is a relatively new thing to The Maddness so it wasn’t that much of a loss but after the mess that was filming, I wanted to scream.

I should’ve stopped at this point. At this point, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that this wasn’t going to be a good video. But I kept going because I had invested a lot into the idea and I’m too prideful to give up on a video just because of a bad feeling.

If the filming process wasn’t enough for me to give-up, the editing process definitely did it for me. For “Project S,” I had to use some old footage that I filmed around three years ago. Remarkably, a person can change considerably within three years and so going through that footage was torture. Three years ago, I was such an awkward nerd and the people staring at me as I filmed just made me want to invent a time machine, track down younger me, and take away the camera just so I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore.

Even after dealing with the torture of going through awkward memory lane, I still kept going because I can be an idiot like that sometimes. “Project S” was a countdown video with exactly eight points in it. However as soon as I finished editing number five, I moved on and very quickly found out that there was no number four. It went from number five to number three. I never filmed a number four.

That was my breaking point. I finally listened to all of the universe’s warnings and destroyed the project along with the footage. It was about time. It’s a miracle I even made it as far as I did with editing before I killed “Project S” because the last time I had a bad feeling about a video, it was the infamous “So Random” video which I since have had to delete because of the poor reception.

The lesson learned is that if you have a bad feeling about something, follow through. Your gut can be smarter than both your heart and brain at times so listen to it when it speaks up. Don’t publish the video you’ve had a bad feeling about since you filmed and don’t eat the sandwich that tastes like cardboard. Just order a pizza and move on with life.

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