Camera: Samsung Camcorder

Editing Program: Windows Movie Maker

Other Equipment: Fourth of July accessories from Claire’s

My first year of YouTube was an adventure to say the least. I had no knowledge of how to film or how to act or even what worked best with the audience so I simply made videos with the most relevance to events happening at the time. But since I’m such a huge fan of stockpiling videos, I had to guess what would be relevant at the time of the video being posted. That lead to the creation of this video.

Posted on Canada Day, just three days short of the Fourth of July, I thought I was so clever for making a video about the Fourth. But I didn’t account the fact that most of my audience at the time lived in the United Kingdom/Canada/other and posting this video led to my very first dislike.

It’s still there….haunting me to this very day.

Then again, the dislike didn’t have to come from my very un-American audience. It could’ve came from the awkward jump cuts, the lack of focus, or the general obnoxious tone of the video. Really this video wasn’t very good. The filming and acting had potential, but the poor editing completely ruined the video. Even if I had just layered a song in the background, it would’ve been tolerable.

Despite this video’s flaws, it was the first of many things. Along with the first dislike, it was the first time I included music in a video other than my end screen ditty and it was the first time I made a video completely without a script.

I’ve been making videos without a script for a while now. My ‘Top 5 Disney Never Afters’ video is the most recent video with even an inkling of a script, but even that was only a list on my phone. But in the beginning, I insisted on using a full-on script for every video. Even when my friends told me they preferred me unscripted, I argued with them that I didn’t want to lose my channel or have my life threatened because of something I said out of line.

But this video had so little focus that I couldn’t write a script even if I tried. I just had to rely on my wit and my pure love for America to make this video. With ‘Fear’, it may have lacked a script but I still had an idea of what I was going to say or at least a subject in mind. This video is basically just the camera rolling while I came up with America-themed antics. It’s probably why the editing process went so poorly is because I wasn’t used to editing without a script to reference.

Now, of course, I’m more used to filming and editing without a script and feel sort of restricted when I have to follow one. But back then, this was revolutionary for me to go completely off-the-board. It’s the start of something new for the Maddness and it’s one of many videos that helped shape my channel to what it is today.


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