Things You Can Do When You’re Not at VidCon

Ah VidCon. For YouTube creators and fans alike, its three days of magical bliss running around, snagging selfies with your new best friends, and having people actually understand your internet references. For those of us not attending VidCon, its three days of torture watching this event unfold over every form of social media.

Look at all of these people who aren’t me.

However, not all is lost for us non-VidCon attendees. There’s still some things we can do that VidCon attendees cannot, like…

Build our own YouTube empire! Every major YouTuber will be in attendance at VidCon so that leaves three days for us smaller YouTubers to rise up and take YouTube for our own. Sure some of those major YouTubers will make an effort to continue posting videos, but overall they’ll be too distracted by the awesome fun of VidCon to give their usual care. Someone has to keep YouTube running for the rest of us not at VidCon and I volunteer myself and the efforts of other small YouTubers not attending VidCon for the task of entertaining the masses.

A truly heroic sacrifice, I assure you.

Of course if you don’t want to join in the rebellion, you can always live vicariously through the inevitable VidCon vlogs. Some attendees will post daily, others will wait until the end of the trip to compile their hours of footage, but either way there will be plenty of footage that should curb your hunger for VidCon until next year. It is a YouTube conference after all.

Photo Credit: Karen Kavett
Photo Credit: Karen Kavett

If shaky iPhone vlogs with audio consisting solely of screaming fans isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you can just simply start your own YouTube-centric conference. But keep in mind, the 2015 VidCon is currently taking up five floors of the Anaheim Convention Center with over 20,000 attendees so you’ll have some competition. (Source: x) But I believe in you. Mainly because I’m desperate to attend VidCon so your video conference will be a good enough substitute for me. Plus, I’m a broke college student and your video conference will probably be cheaper for me to attend, especially if you go the way of DashCon.

Actual photo of DashCon

But hey if we’re all in the same broke boat here, then another thing to do instead of attend VidCon is to work at a job. Sure it’s boring and it sort of sucks and VidCon is 5000 times better than your job, but hey it’s money and money gets you fun stuff. Like VidCon tickets. Or merch at VidCon. Or a plane ticket to VidCon. If you don’t want to work but you still want to attend VidCon despite being broke, VidCon has the solution for you because obviously everything about VidCon is awesome.

*sobs*  Photo Credit: Karen Kavett
Photo Credit: Karen Kavett

Next year, just apply to be a VidCon volunteer. You basically work off your ticket price by filling goodie bags, setting up the various events, and even escorting YouTubers to their panels/signings/concerts/etc. It’s a great opportunity so it’s probably why everyone and their mom applies for it. Build a great resume and apply early so you have a better shot of getting your broke self to VidCon.

These volunteers are singing Frozen songs. EVEN VOLUNTEERING IS AWESOME AT VIDCON!

If all else fails, go outside. It’s been a while. Don’t torture yourself with waiting for the latest vlog or re-watching all of your favorite videos. Find something new to do. It’s only three days. If we all work together, we can survive not being at VidCon together.

I bet VidCon doesn’t have the outdoors.

Now if you need me, I’ll be working on my YouTube channel to prepare it to take over the internet once all of those pesky big YouTubers are out of my way. Have fun at VidCon while you can, big YouTubers. Next year, The Maddness is coming.

Future Queen of the Internet, right here.
Future Queen of the Internet, right here.

Check out and sign up for their mailing list so you can be prepared for next year’s VidCon!


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