Hey there! It’s everyone’s favorite unreliable entertainer person. I know I’ve been *ahem* slacking (a MAJOR understatement) on not only this blog, but on my own YouTube channel as well. I don’t really have an excuse other than I haven’t really had my life together these past couple of weeks.

I mean, there’s also the whole issue of the fact I didn’t have a video editing program the entire last half of summer and I didn’t have wifi for all of June, but whatever. I still hold myself accountable for my failure to keep everything updated.

forgive me

But I’m slowly and surely getting my life back together. I’m back in school so I’ll hopefully be able to keep to a schedule. I’m scared to make any promises because something might come up and change my plans. I don’t know. My life is weird like that.

Here are some promises that I will definitively keep up with:

  • NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL: I’ve been hinting at it for a while on my twitter now, but I honestly have stuff filmed for this new channel. It’s just a matter of editing the footage, designing new logos, and creating a new opening graphic different from my Maddness one. Launch date is TBD.
  • TWITTER: Guys. Seriously. Check out my twitter. I love tweeting. I live off of your favorites and retweets. It’s a drug. I can’t stop. It’s also the most up-to-date social media on whether or not I’m getting my life together so keep up with it.
  • BETTER CONTENT: This one is subjective, but I feel like I’m improving. I’ve got some ideas cooking that should help move The Maddness forward.

I know all of this is a bit much for someone with only 300 subscribers (not even), but I care. I want the few of you who do follow me to know that I do care and I’m trying my best, but I just don’t have my life together. So thanks for sticking around despite the ups and downs. I appreciate all of you.

kisses to the bitches

Hashtag blessed.


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