The Dilemma with Daily Vlogs

When my video editing program crashed with two weeks of summer to go, it seemed like the most obvious solution to do a daily vlog series. I mean, it would only take three minutes out of my day and it would be something for my fans to watch until I got to a decent video-editing program at school. One of my frequent commenters warned me that it would be difficult. I shrugged him off, trusting in my skills and my wit to carry me through.

As usual, I was proven wrong in my trust.

In the 20 days of my promised daily vlog, I only posted 6 YouTube videos. That’s pretty bad. I’m not too good at math…but I’m pretty sure that’s at least less than half. I have multiple excuses, hence this blog post. Because daily vlogging is HARD AS HELL.

Me when I tried daily vlogging.

First off, I have a life outside of the internet. I know. Just a take a minute to soak that in. While it’s not much of a life, it still consumes time that I could be spending doing YouTube or blogging stuff. During this particular time period where I promised my daily vlog, I was working over 40 hours a week at my summer job and preparing to head back to school. While daily vlogs supposedly only were supposed to take up three minutes of my time a day, it ended up being a two hour ordeal. When I was only posting on a weekly basis, it took me 4-6 hours a week so 2 hours a day is a bit much for me.

Unfortunately, there are no songs of time in real life.

Second, I can barely come up with content for once a week. Inspiration for daily content involves a certain degree of creativity/narcissism that I have yet to achieve. Even though I only posted six videos, I actually recorded eight. The other two were videos I forced myself to make as part of my promise and as a result, they were terrible.

What a great angle.
What a great angle.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this failure is that there needs to be a certain degree of passion behind every video idea. Forcing videos out like clockwork doesn’t work.

Even Jacksfilms knows this!
It even happens to professionals like Jacksfilms.

That reminds me of the third thing, it’s hard to make a single shot video at a decent quality. You can use the fanciest camera equipment, talk about the most interesting subject in the world, but if you’re not entertaining or engaging then you’re going to lose your audience. The only video I was able to make even relatively interesting was my dorm room video, but that’s really a video that can only be done in one take.

A video is always good if someone ends up in a closet.

Daily Vlogs are hard. Video-making in general is hard. This failed venture has given me a whole new respect for daily vloggers. I’m sorry for dismissing your work so readily. Please forgive me and please continue to do what you do. I love all of you and your perseverance. Just because I failed doesn’t mean you will. It just means I lack the focus and skill to do what you do.


If you’re a daily vlogger thinking about quitting, keep going.

If you’re thinking about becoming a daily vlogger, heed my advice: it’s hard as hell.

Check out my failed daily vlogging venture here! Subscribe to my YouTube for WEEKLY video updates. I wish I could do daily, but…you know.


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