How to Fix Your Facebook Timeline!

There’s a common misconception that if you like a Facebook page, that means you want to always see what that Facebook page posts. Well according to Facebook, that’s just silly. You only want to see the posts from friends/pages that you regularly engage with. Even if that means you only see the friends who post Buzzfeed five times a day, that’s fine. Who wants to know what all of their friends are up to anyway?

quality content
I haven’t heard from my mom in weeks.

But if you are that weirdo who actually wants to see everything they signed up to see on their Facebook feed, then Facebook has created several tools to help you on your conquest.

First, the easiest, is to just visit the intended page or friend. Below the header is a little bar with the table of contents and the actual ‘like’ or ‘friend’ button. It varies on different types of pages for some reason, but ultimately under the ‘Following’ or ‘Liked’ button in the drop down menu there are two options. One is ‘Default’ which is the option that guarantees you only see 20-40% of their posts unless the owner of the page pays Facebook for you to see all of the content. The second option is ‘See First’ which ensures that you never miss a post despite the owner’s payment plan. Click that one to never miss a post.


The second solution is more ideal if you want to completely redo your Facebook timeline. Don’t worry. It’s actually really simple because if there’s one thing Facebook is good at, it’s cleaning up their own mistakes.

On the side bar to the left of your timeline, there’s an option at the top of the Favorites block titled ‘News Feed.’ Once you hover over it, a little gear appears. Click the gear and then click ‘Edit Preferences.’


When you click ‘Edit Preferences,’ you get this beautiful pop-up menu that’s very accessible and easy to use.

pop up menu

‘Prioritize Who to See First’ is just like what we did with the first solution, but on a mass scale. You can choose multiple pages and friends at the same time to choose who to see first. Facebook already has a pretty clear idea on who you care about so they put those people on top of the list for you. But sometimes they mess up so this is your time to tell Facebook that they’re wrong and reprioritize the list.

see first

‘Unfollow People to Hide Their Posts’ is a very neat little feature. Instead of prioritizing it by their own algorithm, Facebook sorts this list by who’s been posting excessively lately and actually gives a count of their posts. It takes only a click to get them off your timeline and the best part is that they will never know that you no longer see their posts. They’re still your friend on Facebook, but you just never have to deal with their excessive posts ever again. Can you tell I’m in love with this feature?


‘Reconnect with people you unfollowed’ is basically a reminder that you unfollowed some people. Trust me, it’s easy to forget who you unfollow after not seeing them in your timeline for so long. Even if you only unfollow someone to stop their horde of prom/wedding/reunion/etc pictures for a brief moment of time, you can still forget. This feature is just a nice reminder that you’ve unfollowed a couple people and it might be time to see them on your timeline again.


And that’s how you make sure you never miss the Facebook posts you care about while getting rid of the posts that clog your timeline. Now you have no excuse to miss a post from my Facebook page where I post all of my blog posts, videos, and announcements!

Or…other pages that you care about. But whatever.


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