The Beauty of Jacksfilms’s Short Shorts.

I’m not going to lie; I’ve been a fan of Jacksfilms for ages. He’s probably the one YouTuber

short shorts
No. Not these short shorts.

I’ve continued to watch since I became a fan of YouTube in 2010. Part of the reason is that Jack Douglass is a genius when it comes to adapting to the ever evolving world of online video. His new sketch series Short Shorts is an example of this.

You know how YouTube and Facebook are kind of sort of fighting? Well they are and it might turn nasty in a couple years/months/weeks/etc, but for now it’s relatively quiet. In the meantime, YouTubers are struggling to find ways to continue to promote their content on Facebook, the world’s biggest social media site, without losing money from their monetized videos. If they post just a link to their YouTube video, hardly anyone will see it. If they straight up upload the entire video to Facebook, they’ll get a massive audience but they don’t make any money off of it.

It’s a struggle that has found many creative solutions from multiple YouTubers. “Markiplier” has simply opted to upload tiny videos that would increase his exposure while continuing to link his Facebook page to his YouTube videos.


Shane Dawson uploads very tiny sneak peeks to his latest video via Facebook, but posts the link to the full video on YouTube in the same post. While this is an effective method and probably the most commonly used by YouTubers, it doesn’t really do much for exposure and really it just encourages current fans to interact with the content.

shane dawson

Now Jack Douglass has it figured out. With Short Shorts, each video is a compilation of several very, very short comedy clips. By uploading a single clip from the video to Facebook with a link to the YouTube video (similar to Shane Dawson), Jack Douglass not only engages his current audience to watch the entire YouTube video, but he also manages to promote his video across Facebook.

16,000 views on Facebook alone.

It’s the equivalent of a free sample at a grocery store. But Jacksfilms is letting you sample an entire slice of pizza whereas most YouTubers attempting the YouTube/Facebook cross promotion only give you a small piece of pepperoni. If you have a slice of pizza, you’ll be able to effectively decide if you want the entire pizza or not. If you have just a slice of pepperoni, you’re probably not going to know whether or not you like the whole pizza.

In other news, I need to quit blogging around dinner time.

It’s so simple yet so genius, I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the inspiration for this video series came from the YouTube/Facebook struggle. Jack Douglass has had some troubles with Facebook pages such as The LAD Bible stealing his entire videos without credit so he’s definitely aware of the problem. Either way, YouTubers looking for effective YouTube/Facebook cross promotion: look to Jacksfilms. He knows what he’s doing.


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