YouTube Review: The Food Surgeon


Genre: Comedy/Cooking

Subscribers: 66,000+ (as of 3/10/16)

Views: 1.9 million

How did I discover this channel?  Facebook News

 This culinary practitioner not qualified to perform surgery of any kind is a genius. I mean, who else goes “Hey I have a bunch of medical equipment lying around so I guess I’m going to film myself performing minor surgeries on food and post it to YouTube”? Geniuses, that’s who.

Watch this video here.

If you’ve never watched The Food Surgeon, you’re clearly missing out. This person basically takes two delicious foods and surgically mashes them together to create a Franken-food. It’s the new EpicMealTime for 2016. With the anonymity of Cr1tikal and wit only comparable to Oscar Wilde, the Food Surgeon is silently hilarious. It’s like dignified ‘shit-posting’ with a beautifully orchestrated camera set-up and even more gorgeous video editing. Each video is seamless with the humor mostly depriving from how serious the talent takes their silly job. In fact, it almost makes me want to apologize for referring to the job of mashing together food with the improper use of medical equipment as silly, however that in itself would be silly. Mashing together foods with medical equipment is silly, right?

But one of the most impressive aspects about the Food Surgeon is just how professional everything looks. They only have 66,000+ subscribers and have only been releasing videos since January, but they treat themselves more seriously and with more respect than most YouTubers with millions of subscribers who have been in this business for years. Every video is edited and filmed to cinematic-quality, thumbnails and graphics are minimalistic that adhere to current design trends, and although the website looks a bit off on desktop, it’s perfect for mobile.

*heart eyes*

My one criticism is the sound quality of the videos. I get it, it’s supposed to simulate a surgical room, but it’s almost too quiet. I sort of want to play my own music while watching the videos because it’s very eerie. The sound effects that do play are not very audible either. Maybe raise that audio gain up a couple notches?

 Overall, the Food Surgeon is underrated for the simplicity of its comedy. I love the seriousness that contrasts the light-hearted subject matter. It’s a perfect visual irony that is an art form within itself. It’s not a channel I would watch marathon-style ala Game Grumps, but it’s a channel I would watch for in my subscription box and be delightfully pleased to see it pop up.


Yes you did, and so did I.


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