Tobuscus’s Career is Dead – UPDATED

UPDATE 4/11/2016:

Take from this as you will, but at the current time Toby Turner is denying all rape allegations and claims from the woman. I’m assuming he took his time with his reponse to get lawyers involved and other legal troubles because if his claims are true, this is serious libel.

However if his claims are false….that’s a whole other mess.

Olga Kay has also responded to the matter and, for some reason, so has TomSka.


-Original Post-

TW: Rape

If the sudden jump in my blog’s daily view count say anything, I’m assuming everyone here knows about the rape allegation against Toby Turner. If you don’t, here is the original tumblr post to read and Drama Alert’s video to watch/listen to.

Now I only know about this allegation through these two sources. A viewer on my ‘Thoughts on Tobuscus’ video from a year ago alerted me to the development. I personally have taken a neutral stance until more evidence comes forward. The whole situation leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I just want to make sure everyone visiting this blog for this issue isn’t reading an outdated post on my thoughts on Tobuscus.

That being said, I truly believe at this point that Tobuscus’s career is officially dead.

He’s been on a downward slope for a while. A year ago I said he could bounce back. In the past year, he never did. His most recent literal trailer didn’t even break half a million views, which would be unheard of during his golden age. Even if these allegations prove to be false, his career is still dead. This woman has too much empirical evidence and the internet is finicky about background research.

For example, I remember the cabinet door being broken vlog. He showed off the crack to the audience and claimed it was from a party before moving on to whatever subject he was going to talk about. I also remember him talking about his car getting towed, an afterthought in his otherwise glamorous life.

Even if my memories are false and just a product of confirmation bias, there are thousands of people who will react the same as me and also vaguely remember one or two details from his Lazy Vlogs that match this woman’s story. Even more than that are people who will never research further into this story and just trust it fully. I mean, just look at the comments already appearing on his videos without any verification of the story.


People are believing this story. Tobuscus is infamous for his lack of transparency on issues in his life so he has nothing to defend himself from this woman’s allegations. There is plenty of evidence supporting this woman and almost none supporting Toby. Could he be a cheating rapist addicted to drugs? From his side of things, we have no idea. We didn’t even officially know he was dating Olga Kay until after their eight month relationship ended and that came from Olga’s livestream.

All I’m saying is that if it was tough for him to come back a year ago, it’s going to be impossible for him to bounce back now. We’ll know he’s done for when VidCon officially un-invites him, which I’m expecting to take place any hour now. Even if the story is faked, too many people might believe him and attack him for it which poses a safety risk. They’re already doing it in the comments section for both people for crying out loud.


Please also keep in mind that Toby has a YouTube Red show coming out. Either this is a terrible, terrible attempt for cheap publicity, an uberly successful campaign to discredit his work, or  it is truly one woman’s heartbreaking confession of horrendous crimes committed against her. Time will tell as the situation develops in the next coming hours/days.

In the meantime, this seems like a relevant video for this situation:


One thought on “Tobuscus’s Career is Dead – UPDATED

  1. just found your blog post since I was googling around now that Tobuscus is back at least doing short daily vlogs. I’m happy for him since it’s the first time in almost a year now he feels comfortable enough to be back out in public.
    Now onto what I feel is story that never had an ending. The lynch mobs have all but given up and life in regards to this story as outside viewers just went back to the norm. That’s my problem. Everyone was so ready to throw him under the bus, and I do thank you for writing this, “Even more than that are people who will never research further into this story and just trust it fully. I mean, just look at the comments already appearing on his videos without any verification of the story.”
    This story is very sad in many ways. Seeing as Toby has yet to be and won’t be charged with any rape, or any other sex crime related to this story. This man was destroyed by people all because of a stupid tumblr post by Olga Kay. Why was this acceptable human behavior to judge a man guilty because she said he did it. There is a really good reason we have the criminal justice system, it’s purpose is to PROVE he did it. But we didn’t even get that far did we. No, no we didn’t because there wasn’t any proof that backed up what she said. Zero evidence found to support accusation of rape. So why was Olga Kay’s life not completely ruined for making up a BS story on Tumblr?
    This story draws strong parallels to the Duke Lacrosse team rape allegations back in 2006. They to were crucified well before any charges were filed. Then when it was all said and done the DA prosecuting the Duke players was disbarred! While all the Duke players filed counter suits of their own.
    This is what makes the internet dangerous for internet based celebs, since a culture already existed in talking about Toby not many batted an eye when they went from pushing keys to grabbing their pitchfork!
    Also thank you for providing the update to the story, one thing though you mentioned libel, however Toby is suing based off slanderous defamation of character. I know I carry this story with much more animosity than I should. I just feel like this was about the worst case of to quick to judge, while resulting in massive double standards. Which wasn’t fair to Toby and the community has yet to really apologize for railroading him.
    Well that’s just my two cents.



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