Instagram Stories is actually better than Snapchat Stories

Oh man. When I first heard about Instagram Stories, I immediately jumped on the It’s-Copying-Snapchat-So-I-Hate-It bandwagon. I mean, it’s so obvious they’re trying to bank on an already mega-popular service they didn’t even bother to change the name. That kind of laziness clearly shows a lack of care for the product, so why should we, the consumers, care for it as well? 

Oh man oh man. I was so wrong. 

Flipping through the very first Instagram Stories from my friends, I fell in love almost as quickly as I first hated it. The glorious transitions between pictures, the improvement in quality of the pictures, and the fact that I didn’t have to work to follow these people made for a swift commitment to the product. Seriously, one of my biggest problem with Snapchat is that you have to work to get followers. Yeah there’s like five different ways to follow people on Snapchat, but none of them include a direct link that I could add to my already growing block of links to my other social media content. Believe it or not, people are lazy and will not actively search for something without a link if they can get away with it. Instagram does not have this fault and I already love them more for it.

Ah yes my glorious media empire, in 50 words or less.

If that wasn’t enough to bide me over, the sheer quality difference between Instagram and Snapchat definitely did it. Instagram’s Stories makes Snapchat pictures look like they were take on a Razor phone. In fact, everything about Instagram Stories makes Snapchat look like a kid’s half-assed coding project turned in for a B+. The aesthetics are just too pleasing on the Instagram Stories. Not only that, but right off the bat from its launch it offers more drawing tools and basic aesthetic filters than Snapchat ever has in the four years of its existence.

My only concern with the Instagram Stories is blatantly the user base. I am worried that not enough people will jump on bored with it and I will be stuck on Snapchat for the rest of my social media existence. I mean, I’m still stuck until Instagram develops a better way to connect people directly, but if Snapchat disappeared tomorrow I wouldn’t even blink an eye. In fact, I was even considering deleting my Snapchat as soon as I fell in love with Instagram Stories. But, you know, the direct message thing. 

Does anyone even use this?

I just wish Instagram had thought of this concept first. Right now the only one-up Snapchat offers compared to Instagram is the location based filters. Other than that, Instagram has clearly shown it can do everything else Snapchat can but better. It doesn’t have the annoying blocks of Stories from corporations (Looking at you, Buzzfeed) or the ads (yet) or a way to negate it’s unique features (Looking at you, Snapchat Memories). It’s everything Snapchat Stories wish it could be, but its success is forever going to be shadowed and cursed by the legacy of Snapchat Stories. That’s the true tragedy is that something this good will always be overshadowed by something that bad.

But hey, at least Snapchat has a dog filter, amirite? 

What’s even the point of this then?

Follow me on my Instagram  to check out my Insta-Story as it happens! Or just search “Maddness22” on Snapchat. Sometimes I open it to the public. It’s pretty neat. I hate it. 


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