New YouTube Feature Maybe Breaks Analytics and Monetization

In the hours following the induction of the new “Community” tab on chosen creators’ channels, a new bug has swept across YouTube that has supposedly wiped the analytics for the past 28 days and demonetized the entire YouTube channel for many creators. While it doesn’t seem to be a problem for most YouTubers, there is currently no evident pattern on who or why some creators are hit by this bug. It has affected channels as small as 15 subscribers to channels with over a million.




Creators attempting to access analytics beyond the main screen are met with the infamous “Trained Monkeys” 500 Internal Server error screen. This is usually an indication that the site is undergoing some major maintenance, which is no surprise given the introduction of the new “Community” tab on some major YouTube channels.  The only indication that YouTube is aware of their technical troubles is a standard “data is delayed” update for September 7 – 10, which some creators will note doesn’t necessarily completely cover the last 28 days coverage currently affected.

This does seem to simply be an aesthetic error. From my personal experience, my subscriber count has actually gone up during the course of this bug so the actual analytics seem to operating fine. It should also be noted that the estimated revenue option has stuck around on the main screen. The only internal issue at this time seems to be through uploading where some creators have encountered difficulty with “claim asset can’t be created”.

Contrary to popular belief, this bug is also unrelated to the recent policy update by YouTube. If it was in relation, creators would’ve received an email warning them of the demonetization.

None of the channels affected are in trouble, yet. It is, however, a problem YouTube should probably fix soon. The annoyance of not being able to see working analytics is one thing, but preventing YouTubers from uploading and monetizing their videos is a very serious bug that needs to be addressed quickly.

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