The Emoji Battle (as decided by my Twitter followers)

Recently I was watching television as I prepared an outline for some revisions for my novel. Even though I was only half paying attention for most of the time, this atrocity came onto the screen and demanded my full attention.

That’s right, kids. In a not-so-subtle effort to compete with Coke’s personalized named bottles, Pepsi got emojis. It’s terrible. I hate it. The commercialization of emojis already annoys me, but this just offends me. But enough about my opinions, let’s go to my Twitter followers for their opinions.

You see, as soon as I saw this stain on the already poor integrity of marketing, I of course went to Twitter because I go to Twitter for everything. I set up a poll to see how others felt about the Pepsi emoji because I wanted everyone to agree with me that Pepsi has the worst emojis. But, instead, I discovered that my Twitter followers are terrible.

poll results

That’s right. The hatred for Droid emojis is so prevalent that it beat out both Pepsi and Samsung. I do applaud the one person with the courage to vote against Apple, but c’mon. Pepsi’s emojis aren’t even real. It’s a poor marketing ploy living off the skid marks of Coke’s successful campaign. And Samsung? MSN had better emojis in 2002.

Really this was the pinnacle of emoji.

I personally don’t understand the hatred for Droid emojis. They’re cute lil potato people with far more personality than the flat-one dimensional Apple emojis. But we can understand why this poll was shifted using the magic of ANALYTICS and KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE.


Now my Twitter followers are great. Since a majority of the followers who interact with my tweets are people I know in real life, for the most part they play along with my tweets and my joking polls. One friend even got me coffee after I tweeted about it (Bless you Ariel). If we look at previous polls I’ve held, you can see that my followers play along and make me feel good about my jokes.


So with that information, we can assume that the four followers who voted for Pepsi are following the usual routine. Thank you, four followers, for following not only myself but the rules as well.

The one brave soul who voted against Apple is either in this category of playing with the joke or they just dislike Apple emojis. Because I stalk my own tweets, I know that this vote was the third vote after two votes for Pepsi so it was not in sole defense of Droid emojis, which had zero votes at the time. I honestly have no idea who this brave soul is or their motivations, but again bless you for your service.

The zero votes for Samsung is probably out of apathy for the product. No one knows or cares about Samsung emojis for them to even vote against them.

Now the mega coalition against Droid emojis has two possible reasons. Number one, the most likely reason, is that most of my followers are Apple users. Apple users are venomously defensive of their product. It’s the work of effective branding and no matter what the situation is, they will always defend their product. In this case, the defense of their product is going against the main competitor: Android. I couldn’t even begin to list the amount of Android vs. Apple think pieces there are on the internet. Just Google it yourself and dive into the rivalry.

apple versus android
You’ve got some options.

The second reason goes back to my first point: most of my interactive followers know me. They know I’m a proud Droid user and they know that I will defend my Droid Mini to the very grave I used to curse my old iPhone to. By voting against my lovely Droid potato emojis, they fulfill two ways to annoy me by 1. Voting against something other than the obvious answer and 2. Voting against the one I clearly preference.

Or, perhaps, maybe Droid emojis are the worst emojis and I am, indeed, the wrong one.


Either way, according to my poll, that means Samsung emojis are the best emoji to use since no one voted against them so congrats Twitter followers. Your precious Apple, Pepsi, and Droid emojis are futile. All bow down to the choice emoji of both my Twitter followers and Microsoft PowerPoint.

You asked for this, heathens.

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Tobuscus’s Career is Dead – UPDATED

UPDATE 4/11/2016:

Take from this as you will, but at the current time Toby Turner is denying all rape allegations and claims from the woman. I’m assuming he took his time with his reponse to get lawyers involved and other legal troubles because if his claims are true, this is serious libel.

However if his claims are false….that’s a whole other mess.

Olga Kay has also responded to the matter and, for some reason, so has TomSka.


-Original Post-

TW: Rape

If the sudden jump in my blog’s daily view count say anything, I’m assuming everyone here knows about the rape allegation against Toby Turner. If you don’t, here is the original tumblr post to read and Drama Alert’s video to watch/listen to.

Now I only know about this allegation through these two sources. A viewer on my ‘Thoughts on Tobuscus’ video from a year ago alerted me to the development. I personally have taken a neutral stance until more evidence comes forward. The whole situation leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I just want to make sure everyone visiting this blog for this issue isn’t reading an outdated post on my thoughts on Tobuscus.

That being said, I truly believe at this point that Tobuscus’s career is officially dead.

He’s been on a downward slope for a while. A year ago I said he could bounce back. In the past year, he never did. His most recent literal trailer didn’t even break half a million views, which would be unheard of during his golden age. Even if these allegations prove to be false, his career is still dead. This woman has too much empirical evidence and the internet is finicky about background research.

For example, I remember the cabinet door being broken vlog. He showed off the crack to the audience and claimed it was from a party before moving on to whatever subject he was going to talk about. I also remember him talking about his car getting towed, an afterthought in his otherwise glamorous life.

Even if my memories are false and just a product of confirmation bias, there are thousands of people who will react the same as me and also vaguely remember one or two details from his Lazy Vlogs that match this woman’s story. Even more than that are people who will never research further into this story and just trust it fully. I mean, just look at the comments already appearing on his videos without any verification of the story.


People are believing this story. Tobuscus is infamous for his lack of transparency on issues in his life so he has nothing to defend himself from this woman’s allegations. There is plenty of evidence supporting this woman and almost none supporting Toby. Could he be a cheating rapist addicted to drugs? From his side of things, we have no idea. We didn’t even officially know he was dating Olga Kay until after their eight month relationship ended and that came from Olga’s livestream.

All I’m saying is that if it was tough for him to come back a year ago, it’s going to be impossible for him to bounce back now. We’ll know he’s done for when VidCon officially un-invites him, which I’m expecting to take place any hour now. Even if the story is faked, too many people might believe him and attack him for it which poses a safety risk. They’re already doing it in the comments section for both people for crying out loud.


Please also keep in mind that Toby has a YouTube Red show coming out. Either this is a terrible, terrible attempt for cheap publicity, an uberly successful campaign to discredit his work, or  it is truly one woman’s heartbreaking confession of horrendous crimes committed against her. Time will tell as the situation develops in the next coming hours/days.

In the meantime, this seems like a relevant video for this situation:

What is Miitomo? | A Maddness Review

Look when you follow a lot of gamer YouTubers, you’re going to see and learn about some weird things. One of these things happens to be Miitomo, which to my understanding is a social Mii-dia (get it? I hope so because I’m going to make this joke 1000 times.) app for Nintendo, which I don’t understand. I thought the Miiverse was already their idea of a social mii-dia network, but apparently that’s just their equivalent of a Playstation Network but with way more eight year olds operating without parental supervision.

Same, lil dude.

So to satisfy my curiosity, rather than doing some proper research from external sources, I decided to dive right in by getting the app myself and finding out about it from there. How’s that for investigative journalism? Eat your heart out, Pulitzer.

The first thing I got after the initial app download was a series of three questions and a loading screen. What is it loading? I have no idea. This is very exciting. What could this mii-sterious social mii-dea app hold behind these loading screens advising me to connect to the Nintendo network and reserve my battery life?


Ah. A Mii Creator. Excellent.

This seems like a great first step post-loading screen. Nintendo loves their Miis so their social mii-dia account should be focused on Miis. While there was a period in my life where I thoroughly enjoyed making Miis for fun, I’m feeling lazy right now so let’s test this ‘Use camera or photo’ option. If it’s anything like the Nintendo 3DS, we’re in for a real treat.

After deciding my hairstyle and hair color (which is sort of cheating tbh), I was attacked with a barrage of selfies. Instructions were unclear and I have no idea how to turn off the selfie machine gun so I just kind of let it take 10 pictures of me to form 10 Mii heads.
I would probably take more but I was frightened and a friend called me out because I did this act in a public setting. Getting called out for taking a selfie in public is always embarrassing, even if it is to create your perfect Mii.

You know what? I’m actually sort of impressed with this automatic Mii creator. At the very minimum, it’s a good base to create your own Mii. Personally I chose the most similar head (#9) and adjusted it accordingly to make it somewhat resemble me. I thought everything was said and done after designing the character, but holy wow. This social mii-dia app is intense. I had to choose the voice and the personality for my Mii and it was very detailed. Like down to the pitch and depth for the voice. It took me a little bit to get her to sound natural, but once I did the personality portion was easy enough and MaddMii was ready to enter the world of Miitomo with an easy-going, optimistic attitude.

She’s just like me!

Finally, after all of this, I figured out what the app was about.

Thank you for the detailed explanation, Nintendo.

Basically from what I can gather, a large portion of the app is dependent on friends. Thankfully, Miitomo helps you with this. You can automatically import all of your Twitter and Facebook friends into the app to discover who’s using it. Since it’s still new, not too many of my friends are on board. However, YouTuber Chadtronic was there to add me back almost right away so I could start messing around with the app.

Thanks Chad.

Screenshot_2016-04-06-22-26-05Honestly…it’s kind of fun. It’s kind of like “Tomodachi Life” but with your actual friends
and their actual input on their Mii’s choices and lifestyles. I wasn’t expecting to spend the entire 40% of my battery life, but that’s just what I ended up doing as I answered questions and viewed my friends’ answers. I can see on others’ experiences with the app that you can take pictures with your Mii friends, but I have no idea how to do that yet.

But I can do this!

Overall, this social mii-dia app is a surprise bundle of joy. It’s simple, it’s cute, and it’s free. While I don’t see it gaining any more prominence other than a cute little niche for Nintendo fans to interact with, I do see it becoming moderately successful as more users sign on for it. If you enjoy answering questions about yourself and finding out more about your friends, then this is an adorable app right up your alley. It’s tons better than the Miiverse with interactivity and the fact that it is accessible from your phone is a beautiful bonus.

Now off to charge my phone so I can keep spending all of my time on my new favorite social mii-dia site.

My phone died for this.

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YouTube Review: The Food Surgeon


Genre: Comedy/Cooking

Subscribers: 66,000+ (as of 3/10/16)

Views: 1.9 million

How did I discover this channel?  Facebook News

 This culinary practitioner not qualified to perform surgery of any kind is a genius. I mean, who else goes “Hey I have a bunch of medical equipment lying around so I guess I’m going to film myself performing minor surgeries on food and post it to YouTube”? Geniuses, that’s who.

Watch this video here.

If you’ve never watched The Food Surgeon, you’re clearly missing out. This person basically takes two delicious foods and surgically mashes them together to create a Franken-food. It’s the new EpicMealTime for 2016. With the anonymity of Cr1tikal and wit only comparable to Oscar Wilde, the Food Surgeon is silently hilarious. It’s like dignified ‘shit-posting’ with a beautifully orchestrated camera set-up and even more gorgeous video editing. Each video is seamless with the humor mostly depriving from how serious the talent takes their silly job. In fact, it almost makes me want to apologize for referring to the job of mashing together food with the improper use of medical equipment as silly, however that in itself would be silly. Mashing together foods with medical equipment is silly, right?

But one of the most impressive aspects about the Food Surgeon is just how professional everything looks. They only have 66,000+ subscribers and have only been releasing videos since January, but they treat themselves more seriously and with more respect than most YouTubers with millions of subscribers who have been in this business for years. Every video is edited and filmed to cinematic-quality, thumbnails and graphics are minimalistic that adhere to current design trends, and although the website looks a bit off on desktop, it’s perfect for mobile.

*heart eyes*

My one criticism is the sound quality of the videos. I get it, it’s supposed to simulate a surgical room, but it’s almost too quiet. I sort of want to play my own music while watching the videos because it’s very eerie. The sound effects that do play are not very audible either. Maybe raise that audio gain up a couple notches?

 Overall, the Food Surgeon is underrated for the simplicity of its comedy. I love the seriousness that contrasts the light-hearted subject matter. It’s a perfect visual irony that is an art form within itself. It’s not a channel I would watch marathon-style ala Game Grumps, but it’s a channel I would watch for in my subscription box and be delightfully pleased to see it pop up.


Yes you did, and so did I.


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The Worst Sites to Go Viral On

If you’re going to try and be successful on the internet, then it’s probably a goal of yours to “go viral”. I understand the appeal. Its easy exposure for your product/service/etc. and you might even get real life famous off of it. However not only is it nearly impossible to predict internet trends, but some social media sites have no worth to go viral on. For example…



If you go viral on Tumblr, do you know what you get? Nothing. Actually that’s a lie, you get a ton of ‘notes’ that fill up your activity. But notes mean nothing besides a unit of measurement for the site. There’s no way to monetize your content on Tumblr and Tumblr, in fact, makes money off of your content (read the terms and conditions for once) so really if your post goes viral, you’re just helping Tumblr out.

The problem with Tumblr is that 35% of its user base makes less than 30k a year, making it one of the “poorest” sites. That means if you have an awesome product, no matter how many “notes” your advertisement gets, people still probably won’t buy it. Your only benefit to going viral on Tumblr is if you have a free mobile app where most of your money comes from advertisements on the app. Tumblr loves those things, especially if they get to make fun of it ruthlessly over and over again.

Seriously those Episode ads are the worst thing to grace Tumblr since Denny’s made a blog.


Google +

I mean Google, all hail the overlord, will love you just for using their site but honestly this is a site that boasts over 2.5 million accounts (nearly double of Facebook) but less than 10% of the accounts are active on Google+.  How? Well do you have a Gmail account? Congrats. You also have a Google+ account.

I have no thoughts on going viral through Google+ because it’s never happened before. More power to you if you manage to achieve it. But the odds are strongly against you.

If Google+ were a building, this would be it.



Is Snapchat a fascinating and unique tool for internet marketing? Yes. Will you get a wide audience? Yes. Can you go viral off of it? Absolutely not.

First off no matter what you’re advertising, you’ll always be asking your audience to get off Snapchat and find your product. YouTube videos, your artwork, a neat pair of shoes…none of that is accessible through Snapchat which means you lose every single lazy viewer who just wants to click a link to get there. So everyone. You’ve lost everyone.

This kid could be hugely popular on Snapchat. Who knows.

Second, again like Tumblr, there’s no way to monetize snaps. So you’re just basically giving people news updates on your products and you have to do it in less than 10 seconds. There’s a reason there’s no “Snapchat celebrities”. It’s because it’s hard as hell and no real benefit to it. The best you can do is already be a celebrity and then be on Snapchat.




Who would’ve guessed that the world’s biggest social media site is actually one of the worst sites to go viral on? Well consider this: it’s too big. It’s cluttered with thousands of “Share for a Prayer!” and “5,000,000,000 likes and my mom will be a reasonable human being and quit smoking” while simultaneously restricting everyone’s profiles by structuring them to the utmost privacy. You’re never going to reach everyone fast enough to achieve “viral” status.

Unless you’re a Minion. Everyone on Facebook loves Minions apparently.

Facebook was created for friends and family, not internet fame. If you want to be internet famous, aim for YouTube, Vine, or Instagram. All of them are platforms ripe for internet fame with huge user bases. People are making livings on these platforms alone without going viral. For these websites going viral is a dream, but not an impossible one.


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Three “Fun” Ways I Develop My Characters

Character development is super, very, ridiculously important if you’re writing any sort of fiction. Of course it’s all very subjective and it depends from author to author, but generally a well-written character is a good thing. Personally, I love developing my characters. Whenever I find myself in a writer’s block or just bored with life in general, I tend to find myself messing around with my characters through various ways. As a “pantser” writer, I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve found a new plot point just by messing around with my characters and their personalities.

Also I just think it’s fun which is probably why I have an entire notebook and folder on my computer dedicated to my characters and why most of my friends think I’m insane.

don't mind me
“Oh don’t mind Maddie. She’s just laughing because of a joke one of her imaginary characters made.”


This is really my starting point for any sort of character development. I’ve found a pretty good one that I’ve used for every character I’ve ever created and actually regularly update with any changes. It asks for the name, age, weight, favorite color, etc. While it is very basic, it’s an excellent start to any sort of character development. My personal favorite question on it is the “trauma” portion. Honestly, all of my characters improved immensely once I was forced to add trauma to their lives. I never even considered it as a contributing factor into a character’s personality until this questionnaire shoved it into my face. It’s basic, but it adds depth.


Download this questionnaire!

When I’m truly bored, I’ll find other questionnaires to fill out but honestly this one is still my favorite and my go-to for any character development because of its simplicity.

TIP! If you are serious about filling out this questionnaire, this awesome website can help you determine your character’s height and weight.



 I blatantly stole this idea from artists, but honestly it’s one of my favorite ways to develop my characters. Basically I fan-casted all of the characters in my novel so I have a picture for each character, I number them 1-8, and then throw them into these situations as the thingy determines. You could just use each situation as a prompt without the use of a celebrity’s picture for the characters, but c’mon you know you’ve always wanted to secretly fan-cast your novel.


Download the Character Versus Thingy!

TIP! If you want to do it multiple times but different situations, my tip is to use to randomize the number given to your characters.



Okay let me first admit that I am absolute trash for my characters. That being said, is my number one resource to fully visualize my characters. Yeah fan-casting is great and all, but sometimes celebrities are much prettier than your characters. Personally, I have yet to find an actress/model for my main character in my superhero story. It just seems like every actress I’ve come across doesn’t fit my image of her. The mermaid creator offered by Azalea Dolls is really the first time I was able to see my main character’s face.

Sadie Oberg mermaid
Note: Not a mermaid in the novel.

Now they even have a “Sci-Fi Warrior Creator” which is basically the non-copyright-infringement way to say “Star Wars Character Creator”. The only problem with this dress-up game is that there’s no evident male option so I’ve just been gender-bending my male characters.

Sadie Oberg
Same character, just not a mermaid and definitely not a Star Wars character.

TIP! Choose a matching color scheme for your characters. I’m lucky because I’ve written a novel about superheroes so all of my characters are stuck with their super suit colors. But it makes it easy to keep track of when crossing from the mermaid dress-up to the clearly-not-Star Wars dress-up.


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The Beauty of Jacksfilms’s Short Shorts.

I’m not going to lie; I’ve been a fan of Jacksfilms for ages. He’s probably the one YouTuber

short shorts
No. Not these short shorts.

I’ve continued to watch since I became a fan of YouTube in 2010. Part of the reason is that Jack Douglass is a genius when it comes to adapting to the ever evolving world of online video. His new sketch series Short Shorts is an example of this.

You know how YouTube and Facebook are kind of sort of fighting? Well they are and it might turn nasty in a couple years/months/weeks/etc, but for now it’s relatively quiet. In the meantime, YouTubers are struggling to find ways to continue to promote their content on Facebook, the world’s biggest social media site, without losing money from their monetized videos. If they post just a link to their YouTube video, hardly anyone will see it. If they straight up upload the entire video to Facebook, they’ll get a massive audience but they don’t make any money off of it.

It’s a struggle that has found many creative solutions from multiple YouTubers. “Markiplier” has simply opted to upload tiny videos that would increase his exposure while continuing to link his Facebook page to his YouTube videos.


Shane Dawson uploads very tiny sneak peeks to his latest video via Facebook, but posts the link to the full video on YouTube in the same post. While this is an effective method and probably the most commonly used by YouTubers, it doesn’t really do much for exposure and really it just encourages current fans to interact with the content.

shane dawson

Now Jack Douglass has it figured out. With Short Shorts, each video is a compilation of several very, very short comedy clips. By uploading a single clip from the video to Facebook with a link to the YouTube video (similar to Shane Dawson), Jack Douglass not only engages his current audience to watch the entire YouTube video, but he also manages to promote his video across Facebook.

16,000 views on Facebook alone.

It’s the equivalent of a free sample at a grocery store. But Jacksfilms is letting you sample an entire slice of pizza whereas most YouTubers attempting the YouTube/Facebook cross promotion only give you a small piece of pepperoni. If you have a slice of pizza, you’ll be able to effectively decide if you want the entire pizza or not. If you have just a slice of pepperoni, you’re probably not going to know whether or not you like the whole pizza.

In other news, I need to quit blogging around dinner time.

It’s so simple yet so genius, I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the inspiration for this video series came from the YouTube/Facebook struggle. Jack Douglass has had some troubles with Facebook pages such as The LAD Bible stealing his entire videos without credit so he’s definitely aware of the problem. Either way, YouTubers looking for effective YouTube/Facebook cross promotion: look to Jacksfilms. He knows what he’s doing.


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