Facebook Video vs. YouTube: What you need to know.

When it comes to online video, Facebook and YouTube have a rivalry that matches the intensity of Mariah Carey vs. whichever new pop singer is being compared to her at the moment. While YouTube has the distinction of being, you know, the top platform for online video, Facebook has the community and built-in audience for some huge growth in online video that allows it to compete with the top platform for online video. It’s like the two popular kids running for class president, but one of them is the president’s kid and the other one is just super popular. And also they keep sabotaging each other, even though no one asked them to sabotage each other.

Meanwhile, Snapchat vs. Instagram.

This intense rivalry between Facebook and YouTube has skewed a lot of things for online content creators looking to promote and/or create on the platforms. For example…

Views on Facebook are different than views on YouTube. 

The pictures are of the same video I posted to both YouTube and Facebook. On YouTube, the video got 69 views while on Facebook, it received a little over 230 views. That is a significant enough increase to make any creator pack up their YouTube channel and move exclusively to Facebook.

But wait!  Those Facebook views aren’t real. On YouTube, a view is counted when someone actually clicks on the video and watches it for at least one second. If it’s an accidental click, it still counts as a view. For Facebook, since their videos autoplay on timelines, those views only count how many times that video appeared on a Facebook timeline. The person doesn’t even have to turn the sound on, be an active member of my community, or pay more than 3 seconds to the video before scrolling up. In fact, on Facebook, you can pay to ensure more people have your video on their timeline through ads and hence give your video more “views” despite the fact maybe only one of those hundred views was a legitimate, “I wanna watch this video” view.

At least YouTube gives you a feature to show how much of the video your viewers watch.

Don’t do clickbait, kids.

You can’t promote YouTube videos on Facebook.

I mean you can…but it’s pretty fruitless unless your Facebook followers have you on “See First” notifications. This is an infamous result of the YouTube/Facebook feud. Pretty much Facebook has their algorithm rigged so that anything with that precious YouTube link will get seen as little as possible or not at all. I’ve personally seen “not at all” more often than not. Meanwhile, because Facebook loves their videos so much, a Facebook video post will get seen more than a regular text post.

So easy recap for you: Facebook video post > Facebook photo post > Facebook Text Post > Literally anything else > Facebook post with YouTube link.

The only way I’ve been able to get around this little trick is to put my YouTube link in the comments of my post and have a call to action at the end of my post to have my audience click the link in the comments. This trick literally only works because Facebook can’t set up an algorithm for comments…yet.

Also YouTube doesn’t have an auto-publish feature for Facebook, which is annoying but at least my followers there see my videos most of the time.

But at least they can agree on captions. 


The great thing though is that despite their great and never-ending rivalry, YouTube and Facebook’s algorithms both help out a creator that puts captions on their videos. In fact on YouTube, creators will see a 3% increase in views for videos with captions. For Facebook, people will actually see your video and you won’t have to pay a dime.

I just really dislike Facebook’s requirement to pay for people to see your content.

Even though both sites do it for self-serving purposes, I like to think they’re doing it to become more accessible to the hard of hearing and I am very much in favor of this algorithm promotion. I’m also in favor of anything that lets my Facebook audience actually see what I post to Facebook.

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 7.11.13 PM.png
I spent 40 hours working on my senior project and Facebook only let 9 people see it. 😡

Check out my YouTube channel and my Facebook page to compare the two yourself. Am I doing one wrong over the other? Let me know on my Twitter because both YouTube and Facebook are terrible at quick-communication. 



The Worst Sites to Go Viral On

If you’re going to try and be successful on the internet, then it’s probably a goal of yours to “go viral”. I understand the appeal. Its easy exposure for your product/service/etc. and you might even get real life famous off of it. However not only is it nearly impossible to predict internet trends, but some social media sites have no worth to go viral on. For example…



If you go viral on Tumblr, do you know what you get? Nothing. Actually that’s a lie, you get a ton of ‘notes’ that fill up your activity. But notes mean nothing besides a unit of measurement for the site. There’s no way to monetize your content on Tumblr and Tumblr, in fact, makes money off of your content (read the terms and conditions for once) so really if your post goes viral, you’re just helping Tumblr out.

The problem with Tumblr is that 35% of its user base makes less than 30k a year, making it one of the “poorest” sites. That means if you have an awesome product, no matter how many “notes” your advertisement gets, people still probably won’t buy it. Your only benefit to going viral on Tumblr is if you have a free mobile app where most of your money comes from advertisements on the app. Tumblr loves those things, especially if they get to make fun of it ruthlessly over and over again.

Seriously those Episode ads are the worst thing to grace Tumblr since Denny’s made a blog.


Google +

I mean Google, all hail the overlord, will love you just for using their site but honestly this is a site that boasts over 2.5 million accounts (nearly double of Facebook) but less than 10% of the accounts are active on Google+.  How? Well do you have a Gmail account? Congrats. You also have a Google+ account.

I have no thoughts on going viral through Google+ because it’s never happened before. More power to you if you manage to achieve it. But the odds are strongly against you.

If Google+ were a building, this would be it.



Is Snapchat a fascinating and unique tool for internet marketing? Yes. Will you get a wide audience? Yes. Can you go viral off of it? Absolutely not.

First off no matter what you’re advertising, you’ll always be asking your audience to get off Snapchat and find your product. YouTube videos, your artwork, a neat pair of shoes…none of that is accessible through Snapchat which means you lose every single lazy viewer who just wants to click a link to get there. So everyone. You’ve lost everyone.

This kid could be hugely popular on Snapchat. Who knows.

Second, again like Tumblr, there’s no way to monetize snaps. So you’re just basically giving people news updates on your products and you have to do it in less than 10 seconds. There’s a reason there’s no “Snapchat celebrities”. It’s because it’s hard as hell and no real benefit to it. The best you can do is already be a celebrity and then be on Snapchat.




Who would’ve guessed that the world’s biggest social media site is actually one of the worst sites to go viral on? Well consider this: it’s too big. It’s cluttered with thousands of “Share for a Prayer!” and “5,000,000,000 likes and my mom will be a reasonable human being and quit smoking” while simultaneously restricting everyone’s profiles by structuring them to the utmost privacy. You’re never going to reach everyone fast enough to achieve “viral” status.

Unless you’re a Minion. Everyone on Facebook loves Minions apparently.

Facebook was created for friends and family, not internet fame. If you want to be internet famous, aim for YouTube, Vine, or Instagram. All of them are platforms ripe for internet fame with huge user bases. People are making livings on these platforms alone without going viral. For these websites going viral is a dream, but not an impossible one.


Even though they’re terrible sites to go viral on, I’m still on most of them! Follow my Tumblr, Google+ (if you’re part of the 10%), and Facebook page for updates about this blog. You can also follow my YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and Twitter before I inevitably go viral on at least one of them.

How to Fix Your Facebook Timeline!

There’s a common misconception that if you like a Facebook page, that means you want to always see what that Facebook page posts. Well according to Facebook, that’s just silly. You only want to see the posts from friends/pages that you regularly engage with. Even if that means you only see the friends who post Buzzfeed five times a day, that’s fine. Who wants to know what all of their friends are up to anyway?

quality content
I haven’t heard from my mom in weeks.

But if you are that weirdo who actually wants to see everything they signed up to see on their Facebook feed, then Facebook has created several tools to help you on your conquest.

First, the easiest, is to just visit the intended page or friend. Below the header is a little bar with the table of contents and the actual ‘like’ or ‘friend’ button. It varies on different types of pages for some reason, but ultimately under the ‘Following’ or ‘Liked’ button in the drop down menu there are two options. One is ‘Default’ which is the option that guarantees you only see 20-40% of their posts unless the owner of the page pays Facebook for you to see all of the content. The second option is ‘See First’ which ensures that you never miss a post despite the owner’s payment plan. Click that one to never miss a post.


The second solution is more ideal if you want to completely redo your Facebook timeline. Don’t worry. It’s actually really simple because if there’s one thing Facebook is good at, it’s cleaning up their own mistakes.

On the side bar to the left of your timeline, there’s an option at the top of the Favorites block titled ‘News Feed.’ Once you hover over it, a little gear appears. Click the gear and then click ‘Edit Preferences.’


When you click ‘Edit Preferences,’ you get this beautiful pop-up menu that’s very accessible and easy to use.

pop up menu

‘Prioritize Who to See First’ is just like what we did with the first solution, but on a mass scale. You can choose multiple pages and friends at the same time to choose who to see first. Facebook already has a pretty clear idea on who you care about so they put those people on top of the list for you. But sometimes they mess up so this is your time to tell Facebook that they’re wrong and reprioritize the list.

see first

‘Unfollow People to Hide Their Posts’ is a very neat little feature. Instead of prioritizing it by their own algorithm, Facebook sorts this list by who’s been posting excessively lately and actually gives a count of their posts. It takes only a click to get them off your timeline and the best part is that they will never know that you no longer see their posts. They’re still your friend on Facebook, but you just never have to deal with their excessive posts ever again. Can you tell I’m in love with this feature?


‘Reconnect with people you unfollowed’ is basically a reminder that you unfollowed some people. Trust me, it’s easy to forget who you unfollow after not seeing them in your timeline for so long. Even if you only unfollow someone to stop their horde of prom/wedding/reunion/etc pictures for a brief moment of time, you can still forget. This feature is just a nice reminder that you’ve unfollowed a couple people and it might be time to see them on your timeline again.


And that’s how you make sure you never miss the Facebook posts you care about while getting rid of the posts that clog your timeline. Now you have no excuse to miss a post from my Facebook page where I post all of my blog posts, videos, and announcements!

Or…other pages that you care about. But whatever.

Desks for Dayzzz: My Desks Throughout the Years

Buckle your bootstraps because I’ve had a large coffee with six sugars and have only slept three hours in the past 24 so now I’m going to take you on an over-caffeinated, over-enthusiastic journey of my various desks throughout my life. Why? Because I freaking love desks.

The Desk of My Early High School Days


My early high school days were not a good time. I tried too hard to be cool (as evident by the giant, white sunglasses on top of the desk) and it didn’t work out for me. In fact, I used to just wait on Facebook in hopes that one of my friends would come online and I could chat with them with the fancy IM system just so I could be like “yeah cool kids do this all the time so I am cool for doing this.” You can see on my crappy old Toshiba laptop that I was chatting with someone at the time. I never really wanted to chat with them. I just wanted to say that I did to look cool.

But this was before I really got into my writing and I was just only beginning to discover the beauty of YouTube. The empty food wrappers and drinks reflect late nights spent watching YouTube rather than working on my failed sequel to my currently unpublished book. Overall, I just had a lot of blatant disrespect for my desk and my work, but I also had a lot of disrespect for myself by pretending to be this cool person rather than embracing my true nerdy self who can’t stand Facebook messaging and finds large, white framed sunglasses to be tacky.

However, I would still wear those tacky sunglasses that make me look like a bug because I have a weird sense of humor like that.

The Desk of an Overambitious AP Student

001 (4)

Flash forward to my junior year of high school. Things had gotten a lot better since my early high school days. I was beginning to be comfortable with the fact that I will never be a cool popular kid and I might as well start being happy with myself. Of course, it was mostly because I no longer had any time to pretend to be anyone other than myself because of my full schedule.

My overambitious self had managed to cram nine classes into an eight period school day with two of those classes being Advanced Placement. If you add my hectic softball schedule or any of the six extra-curricular activities I was a part of, I barely had any time to sleep or eat let alone excessively wait around on Facebook to pretend to be interested in IMing a friend of a friend.

But this desk, which is in the form of our family kitchen table, shows a moment of calm in the chaos of my life at the time. A cute kid’s movie, my favorite subject in school and a ready-in-20-minute pizza on a snowy day is all I needed to feel at peace with the world.

The Desk(s) of a Music Video Director

 081 095

I was very fortunate that during my sophomore year of college that I was able to take a class that enabled me to spend an entire month on creating one video. That one video ended up being my music video for “Mercenary” by Panic! At The Disco. It was an insane month. I was obsessed with this video and spent more effort on it than any other video I’ve done at that point. I could ramble all day about that video, but I already did that in another blog post.

But my desks reflected this insane month. During production, my dorm desk was a living disaster. It was where I stuck all of my various cameras, my army of flash drives used to hold the footage, and my snacks on my desk so it would all be within arm’s reach from my laptop so I could continue working without distractions.

During post-production however, it was the complete opposite. It’s clean, organized, and just very well kept. The difference is that while filming relied on sporadic inspiration and improvisation, the massive task of editing the footage required my utmost focus and so only the things I truly needed to edit the video were on the editing desk and in neat, orderly fashion so I could reach them quickly without fumbling through a mountain of empty wrappers. Even with everything in place, it still took me a little over six hours to accomplish editing this music video.

The Desk of a Lazy Day


After the stress of filming and editing an entire music video in one month, I decided to take it easy for a while. Lounging on a living room chair with my dog by my feet, I caught up on the YouTube series I missed while filming and wrote parts of my severely neglected novel to the tune of Fall Out Boy’s latest album.

Honestly most of my “desks” are couches or my beds. Most of my best scenes were written on couches and I can’t begin to list off all the times I’ve fallen asleep with my laptop on my bed. It’s just comfy to lounge while working. But it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a solid table top with a good chair.

The Desk of The Maddness


Now we’re on my most current desk. I now have respect for my workplace because I actually rely on it a lot now. It’s the location of 90% of my Maddness videos, I’ve designed my fair share of thumbnails at this desk, and good chunks of my novel were written at this desk. While trash will occasionally clutter the desk after late work nights, it’s not to the extreme of when I first started to actively use my desk.

I’ve grown to love my desk by surrounding it with most of my favorite objects and giving my laptop the space it deserves. It’s cozy and reflects my personality almost perfectly. My life is no longer the chaos reflected in the first picture, but there’s now a sense of calm now that I have found my confidence and my interests. There are still areas that need to be improved, but overall it’s a desk good enough for a future queen of the internet like myself and I love it.

I’m fortunate to be able to find time to work on the things I love and I’m even more fortunate to have the chance to share my interests with the world through my YouTube channel and writing. But regardless of how much I’ve been able to achieve, I never could’ve done it without a solid desk to hold everything needed for this crazy journey.

The Maddness Outline – REVISITED

Ah yes. After weeks and weeks of endless amounts of homework, studying for hours on end, and making ritual sacrifices to appease the transcript gods, the school year is finally over and what do we have for it? Three months to work our butts off or beg our family/the government for money to pay for the next year of school.


But, we also have an education and educations are usually useful. For example, this semester I took a lovely class that taught me all of the secrets of the internet and now I’m the queen of the internet.

Bow down to the queen of the internet/rock pile.

Okay that’s a slight exaggeration, but I did learn a lot and so I shall revisit this post about my web presence and see how my social media has improved after this class. Twitter: Oh look it’s still my favorite social media platform. Yay! For improvement, I’ve increased the quantity of my tweets, but as a sacrifice I receive less “favorites” now because now people are used to my tweets and they are no longer entertained. People still reach out to me to compliment me on my twitter, but I haven’t had a tweet with more than four favorites in two months. #SadDay There was also a period within the past semester where a surge of verified accounts started to follow me. I have no idea where they came from, but one of them was the guy who created the Pixar Theory so I was pretty stoked about that.

 how you doin

YouTube: There has been grand improvement on my YouTube channel since I took this class, which is great because I love my YouTube channel! I’ve gained 20 subscribers over the course of this semester, the average weekly view count of a video has gone up 10 views, and I’ve started networking with other smaller YouTubers. For example I happened to stumble upon Steve the 414th Oldest Nerdfighter’s YouTube channel and after commenting a couple times on his videos, he started commenting on mine and subscribed to me as well!

the only commenter
He’s also the only commenter on my videos other than me, but WHATEVER I’M TRYING.

The next step is to expand my channel from just one weekly video a week to multiple videos in different popular YouTube genres, like BookTube or Gaming. However that would involve heavy amounts of editing, which I cannot do because I don’t possess a sufficient editing program. Expansion will come soon enough, but not as recent as I would like. Instagram: It’s still very cute and it’s still very much not my scene, but I’m trying. After the success of the marketing campaign for “How to Survive a Writer’s Block,” I’m trying to market my YouTube videos on Instagram better. I’m also trying a new thing where I post my calendar for upcoming videos on Instagram every month and it’s moderately successful, but I still can’t grasp the hang of it.

Now the world shall see my terrible handwriting

But I was surprised to see I’ve somehow obtained over 80 followers on Instagram, so that’s great. I’m not very good at Instagram, so I’m just happy I have more than like 20 or something. LinkedIn: I got one and I made a whole big post about it. Facebook: At the beginning of the semester, I thought I would never ever get a Facebook page until I at least won my first Oscar. Now, at the end of the semester, I’ve not only created a Facebook page, but I’ve also made a video to promote it, held a contest for it and use it as my cumulative bank of announcements, blog posts, and YouTube videos.


If you don’t want to miss anything I’m doing, my Facebook page is now the place to go. It was a horror to set up and it’s even worse to market, but it’s currently the only place that serves as an index of everything I do on the internet in the name of The Maddness. I could go on, but believe it or not I still have five more social media accounts to talk about so I will leave those five for Part Two of my Maddness Outline: Revisited. In the meantime, check out all of my social media as listed above and let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts!

BTM: BEST SONG EVER!! | Facebook Contest


Camera: Samsung Camcorder

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere

Other Equipment: Nate’s Acoustic Guitar

This is the story of how a completely awful video of me singing turned into a semi-entertaining Facebook contest announcement video.  However, that conversion isn’t an easy one.

First, songwriting is hard. I didn’t realize how hard it was until I made a completely awful video attempting to do so. I thought I could just sing the lyrics I wanted to sing and edit it all together. I was wrong. You cannot do that. You need a consistent bed of music and you should probably write down your lyrics first rather than improvising like I did. Also you should probably be good at singing, unlike me.

I’m not good at singing.

Second, I lost the video file when I re-edited it to accommodate the Facebook contest. After spending about an hour editing it the first time around, I went back to check on it so I could make a new thumbnail and it disappeared. I honestly have no idea where it went. I checked all four of my flash drives and my memory card and it was gone.

Third, editing the same video for a second time has its pros and cons. For one thing, you’re editing the same video WHICH IS BORING. However the second thing is that you get so bored with editing it the second time that you actually improve it because you try new things just to spite yourself and it ends up working out way better than your original idea.

Fourth, the goddamn copyright. After spending about an hour and a half re-editing this video, I had to take it down and re-edit it for a third time because YouTube immediately put a copyright claim on it. Now I was well within fair use because it wasn’t for profit (check out my post about copyright here), but YouTube’s system is very wonky and it still marked it down. So I re-edited it for a third time and placed a public domain song in there instead.

The moral of the story is that you can make an awful video and still redeem it, but it’s a lot of work and a lot of stuff will go wrong before that can happen.

The other moral is that I spent way too much time on this video and as retribution, everyone should go like my Facebook page to participate in my Facebook contest!

The Maddness – The Outline

Twitter: My favorite form of social media and personal preference to interact with people.

-Pros: I’m able to directly interact with people and make connections while also entertaining my followers with engaging tweets.

-Cons: I don’t engage with it to its full potential and often enter into long, endearing Twitter conversations with my friends which risks the chance for potential connections.

How to improve: Interact directly with my followers more often while engaging with more hashtags to increase my online presence.


YouTube: This is sort of my primary site since this is essentially the source of my online brand and the rest of my social media sites revolve around it.

Pros: I post a video weekly which is very engaging and I’ve allowed open comments again so that people who watch my videos can engage with the video as well.

-Cons: It’s YouTube. The comments section is infamous for being terrible. I try to engage in the comments section as much as I could, but I actually had to shut down my comments for a couple months due to an uncomfortable incident.

How to improve: I can always be more selective with the videos I post rather than just posting every single video I make onto my channel. I can also encourage more interaction with my videos.


Instagram: It’s cute, but it’s just not my scene.

Pros: Everyone loves pictures. Pictures are easier than words.

-Cons: I’m not very good with pictures so I’m not very encouraged to use it.

How to improve it: Use it to promote videos, tweets, blog posts, etc. in a unique manner.


LinkedIn: I don’t have one, but my grandma wants me to connect with her on it.

Pros: It’s a chance to make a professional connection with potential employers, partners, or clients.

-Cons: I don’t have one. I also lack a super-professional headshot if I did get one.

How to improve: I can improve my LinkedIn experience by actually obtaining an account.

One day…

Facebook: I hate this website and I would’ve deleted my personal profile ages ago if it wasn’t for the fact it’s the one place I can stay connected to most of my friends and family.

Pros: I can abuse it to get support for my projects from my friends and family.

Cons: Facebook pages are flawed in the fact that not all of their content is shared unless a monetary fee is paid and I am broke so I’m never going to pay that fee. That means that even if I got a Facebook page, I couldn’t rely on it for my primary source to share content.

How to improve: I could get a Facebook page so I can quit spamming my friends and family with my posts about my projects. I could also be more active on my Facebook profile. I’ve discovered that I only change my profile picture twice a year, which is probably a problem.

Please don’t make me.