The Worst Sites to Go Viral On

If you’re going to try and be successful on the internet, then it’s probably a goal of yours to “go viral”. I understand the appeal. Its easy exposure for your product/service/etc. and you might even get real life famous off of it. However not only is it nearly impossible to predict internet trends, but some social media sites have no worth to go viral on. For example…



If you go viral on Tumblr, do you know what you get? Nothing. Actually that’s a lie, you get a ton of ‘notes’ that fill up your activity. But notes mean nothing besides a unit of measurement for the site. There’s no way to monetize your content on Tumblr and Tumblr, in fact, makes money off of your content (read the terms and conditions for once) so really if your post goes viral, you’re just helping Tumblr out.

The problem with Tumblr is that 35% of its user base makes less than 30k a year, making it one of the “poorest” sites. That means if you have an awesome product, no matter how many “notes” your advertisement gets, people still probably won’t buy it. Your only benefit to going viral on Tumblr is if you have a free mobile app where most of your money comes from advertisements on the app. Tumblr loves those things, especially if they get to make fun of it ruthlessly over and over again.

Seriously those Episode ads are the worst thing to grace Tumblr since Denny’s made a blog.


Google +

I mean Google, all hail the overlord, will love you just for using their site but honestly this is a site that boasts over 2.5 million accounts (nearly double of Facebook) but less than 10% of the accounts are active on Google+.  How? Well do you have a Gmail account? Congrats. You also have a Google+ account.

I have no thoughts on going viral through Google+ because it’s never happened before. More power to you if you manage to achieve it. But the odds are strongly against you.

If Google+ were a building, this would be it.



Is Snapchat a fascinating and unique tool for internet marketing? Yes. Will you get a wide audience? Yes. Can you go viral off of it? Absolutely not.

First off no matter what you’re advertising, you’ll always be asking your audience to get off Snapchat and find your product. YouTube videos, your artwork, a neat pair of shoes…none of that is accessible through Snapchat which means you lose every single lazy viewer who just wants to click a link to get there. So everyone. You’ve lost everyone.

This kid could be hugely popular on Snapchat. Who knows.

Second, again like Tumblr, there’s no way to monetize snaps. So you’re just basically giving people news updates on your products and you have to do it in less than 10 seconds. There’s a reason there’s no “Snapchat celebrities”. It’s because it’s hard as hell and no real benefit to it. The best you can do is already be a celebrity and then be on Snapchat.




Who would’ve guessed that the world’s biggest social media site is actually one of the worst sites to go viral on? Well consider this: it’s too big. It’s cluttered with thousands of “Share for a Prayer!” and “5,000,000,000 likes and my mom will be a reasonable human being and quit smoking” while simultaneously restricting everyone’s profiles by structuring them to the utmost privacy. You’re never going to reach everyone fast enough to achieve “viral” status.

Unless you’re a Minion. Everyone on Facebook loves Minions apparently.

Facebook was created for friends and family, not internet fame. If you want to be internet famous, aim for YouTube, Vine, or Instagram. All of them are platforms ripe for internet fame with huge user bases. People are making livings on these platforms alone without going viral. For these websites going viral is a dream, but not an impossible one.


Even though they’re terrible sites to go viral on, I’m still on most of them! Follow my Tumblr, Google+ (if you’re part of the 10%), and Facebook page for updates about this blog. You can also follow my YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and Twitter before I inevitably go viral on at least one of them.


A Maddness Review of GooglePlus

Ah Google Plus. I’ve never imagined I could absolutely despise something created by Google (all hail the overlord) this much. It can’t even compete with the YouTube comments section because it is the YouTube comments section. Google Plus is the worst thing that’s ever come to Google and it’s never going to go away.

Let’s start out with how I joined: it was a hostage situation. When Google Plus first started up, it was nothing. Nobody wanted to join it because it’s terrible. So Google went ahead and took the initiative by holding every single YouTube channel hostage until they joined Google Plus. I tried to hold out, I really did. But my channel was small and weak and it couldn’t hold out against the pressure for much longer. When I finally caved, I somehow created multiple Google Plus pages with the same name and it was nearly impossible to delete them. In fact one still remains because I’m scared that if I delete it, I’ll delete my channel.


My Google Plus page(s) sat there for over two years doing nothing but allowing me to continue to use YouTube to the fullest. In the meantime, I would very occasionally get a notification that somebody added me to their “circle.” I don’t know what that means. Why would you make your content exclusive to just one circle? Why can’t I just be promised that whatever I share will be shared to everyone? What’s the point of using this site if nobody’s going to see it because I’m not in the right circles?! WHY IS THE TIN CAN BROTHERS FOLLOWING ME IN THEIR CIRCLE?! WHAT PURPOSE DOES THIS SERVE?!

what do you want

Okay so eventually I started to attempt to use Google Plus regularly. But I got roped in with all of the “you would enjoy this” suggestions because wow that’s actually ingenious for Google to use my internet history to decide my interests. A little creepy, but ingenious. I spent about fifteen minutes or so following these suggested pages and communities (no idea what the difference is) thinking that it wouldn’t be that big of deal.

I was very, very wrong.

Now my entire homepage is covered with Harry Potter quizzes in foreign languages or surveys to determine which Hermione is the best Hermione, basically a bunch of stuff I could care less about.But I also don’t care enough to figure out a way to unfollow/get them out of my circles because good lord that would take a day and a half.

send help
This is my life now.

Everything takes a day and a half to figure out on Google Plus. When I started to post stuff to my Google Plus, for some reason it only posted to one circle with only one person in it BECAUSE I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE CIRCLES OKAY?! Anyway, I didn’t want my stuff to only be posted to one circle with one person in it. I wanted all the people who have me in their circles (never going to understand the circles) to see my stuff. But I had no way to change that. I even Googled how to change it and nobody knew. Let me repeat that: Google, the overlord of the internet, didn’t know how to change a setting in their own social networking site. It was frustrating to figure it out. The whole site is frustrating.

I mean, just look at it! The layout is messy, there’s no way to manually organize it, and there’s no clarity. The only people who can operate Google Plus is Google, all hail the overlords. If you know anything about me, you know that I’m addicted to social media. I should be able to operate this site, but I can’t for the life of me. Maybe I’m giving myself too much credit, but it seriously shouldn’t be easier to delete your entire YouTube channel than it is to make a post public.

two clicks
It took me two clicks to get here.

After all of this misery, why do I still use Google Plus? Well simply put, I’m sucking up to Google. Word on the web is that the more you use Google Plus, the more exposure your YouTube channel receives. It’s completely plausible. After all, this is the same social media site that held all of the YouTube channels hostage just to get more users. Why wouldn’t it give an advantage to the channels that give in to their demands?

On that note, Google Plus is the best social media site I have ever used and I use ten of them. Everyone go use Google Plus and add me in all of their circles because circles are the best.

All hail Google.

Check out my YouTube channel! I think I deserve it for dealing with Google+. Also check out this video I did when the Google+ hostage situation first began and my review of LinkedIn

Maddness Outline: REVISITED – PART 2

Well hello. Welcome back to my analysis of my extensive social media empire. When we last left off, I reviewed five of my social networks and then discovered that I still have five more to talk about! What can I say? I’m a social media enthusiast. If I can share on it, I will…wear it?


I didn’t think that one through.

Alright let’s begin before summer takes the rest of my brain cells.

Vine: This is a relatively recent social media account I’ve become active on again. I first created my account in 2013 after my friends assured me I would be good at it. A couple months later, I gave up on it after my friends told me my vines were awful beyond compare.

But two years later, I’m back! I deleted most of my old vines and now make vines mostly when I want to subtly make fun of something. Other than that, I leave Vine alone. Racist white boys run that show and I don’t want to compete.

Looking at you, Nash Grier.

Tumblr: Ah yes. Tumblr. It’s a love-hate relationship. I love it because it allows me to mindlessly scroll to find entertaining things, but I hate it because it’s trash. I have two accounts, one is my public account and I’ve had the other before The Maddness even had a name. My public account has 40-some followers and gets one note a week if I’m lucky. My other account has over 360 followers and I get at least 20 notes on a bad day. On a good day, I’ve clocked in at over 600 notes.

sigh collage

So yes. Tumblr is trash, but I still can’t help but spend most of my time on it.

Goodreads: This is by far the cutest social media platform that I’m a part of. It’s just a bunch of people sharing books and updating their friends on the book they’re reading and adding books to their to-read list and it’s so cute I love it!!!!


Like I don’t even care I can’t promote my videos or anything on it. I love it. It’s so cute and I love reading and it’s so perfect and I seriously can’t with this website.

Google+: Oh no. My relationship with this “social network” warrants its own post. For now, I will only say that using this site dramatically increases the chance of your content being found through Google searches and that is all I will say about it.

Take what you will from that, but I’m just saying that Google+ is my least favorite and least engaged for a reason.


WordPress: Yay it’s my blog!!! I was never planning on having an actual blog outside of tumblr, but holy cow it’s one of the best things that I have ever been forced to participate in for class. I love writing new blog posts and coming up with new things to talk about for my weekly ‘Behind the Maddness’ series. I love how I have the freedom to write my thoughts on a thing and publish it immediately rather than having to write out a script, set up a camera, film, edit the video, and then wait until Monday to publish the video.

021 (2)
Blogging is fun, kids!

Blogging is my new favorite hobby and I’m open to talking about most things on here! If you have an idea for a future blog post, please let me know on any of my ten social media sites. If you missed part one of my social media analysis, check it out here!